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Are you someone who gets anxiety thinking about something in the future or spending too much time in the past? Maybe you just have trouble enjoying and living in the moment. Well, you’re not alone, and Tranquility Labs has safe, all natural supplements to help you just like they’re helping me.

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That’s right, yours truly easily find himself worrying about petty things like what to make for dinner or how to fit in my next workout, and even whether I should use a fork or spoon! Yeah, it’s ridiculous. I always use a spork for that reason, by the way.

Since I’m not a fan of most OTC drugs out there, I was excited when Tranquility Labs agreed to send me their Tranquilene Total Calm, Sleep Fast Nighttime Spray, Focusene, and CogniDHA Omega-3 Fish Oil supplements to review.


My “worst offender” areas are not sleeping enough and being irritable from stressing over little things. No matter how many times I tell myself those things are not that big of a deal, stress seems to creep its way back into my mind. I’ve even shared my stress issues in past posts including how it hindered our attempts at getting pregnant.

Tranquilene Total Calm


stress relief, natural, supplement

It’s been about 3 weeks since I started taking Tranquilene, and from the first day I noticed a marked difference in my mood. Nothing super powerful, but I felt it, a slight easing of the tension I normally feel. I found I was able to calm my mind and not worry so much shortly (around 30 minutes) after taking two capsules in the afternoon, when my stress/anxiety is at its peak.

The blend all natural ingredients that have shown to battle anxiety in men and women are designed to work synergistically over time. Having taken Tranquilene consistently every day for a weeks now, I notice that my overall levels of stress have decreased a good amount and I am even able to stop and just enjoy the moment more often.

This is extremely important as someone who stays at home with his precious daughter all day and needs to be there for her with a big smile on my face. Same for my hardworking, beautiful, and deserving wife, she needs a husband who is supportive and not a drag to be around. Tranquilene has helped in both areas.

Of course, I still have stress, and Going Mom will attest to my irritability still popping up every now and then, but this is a supplement, not a panacea, and for that, I love it. For the decreased feeling of stress and anxiety, I feel Tranquilene is well worth it and plan on continuing my daily use. Knowing that the ingredients safe and non-addictive is more than perfect for the health-minded person such as myself, just one less thing to stress over!

Sleep Fast Melatonin Spray

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Sleep Fast Melatonin Spray with B6, Valerian Root, Chamomile, Lemon Balm and 5-HTP is the natural answer to my insomniac ways . Some days are worse than others, so I love the fact that I can control the dose with each spray.

I always avoided flavored liquids because that meant sugar or artificial sweeteners were added, but this is free from any nasty stuff and full of good, all natural and proven herbs that help calm and relax a racing mind. As I already revealed, I’m  known to be a worrier about what’s to come, which always affects my sleep. Now, with 6 – 10 sprays of Sleep Fast 30 minutes before bed, I’m better able to relax and fall into a good night’s sleep.

I’ve had zero side effects besides waking up feeling refreshed and energetic. As a stay-at-home dad to a very active toddler, this is a MUST! The flavor is pleasing, it’s convenient for travel, and best of all, there’s no artificial ingredients to be concerned about like most OTC sleep aids. It also compliments Tranquilene extremely well.

We all need/deserve a good sleep, but shouldn’t become lab rats to get it. Try Sleep Fast and avoid all worries while getting to sleep….fast. See what I did there? 🙂


I’d love to go back in time and give this to my younger self while in college. An awesome alternative to prescription drugs, sadly all too commonly used by college students, Focusene is safe, non-addictive, and packed with scientifically formulated, all natural ingredients designed to increase concentration, support mental performance, memory, and clarity.

This stuff is great! Some days I feel completely out of it with my mind in another world as I try to cook 4 different meals while keeping Avery entertained, but since taking Focusene, I find that I’m better able to maintain my sanity and get everything done. Even better, it’s helped me manage time during the day a little better so that I can still fit in a workout on really busy days.

Speaking of, I use Focusene as a good pre-workout supplement on heavy lifting days. You never want to lose focus when you have heavy weight over your head or on your back, and Focusene helps ensure that doesn’t happen. Even when Avery yells the color of each passing car out from behind me when I’m doing heavy squats, I somehow manage to keep my focus on the task at hand.

Again, is it the answer to all my issues? No, I still struggle on some days, but my mental clarity is much improved after having taken this for several weeks now. This is another supplement I feel offers enough noticeable benefits that will have me keeping it on hand.

CogniDHA Omega-3 Fish Oil

CogniDHA is now my go to fish oil both for what it has and does not have. Too many pills are filled with things that do zero good for the body, but not this one. No  unnecessary fillers, the fact you don’t get fish breath (the pills are odorless), and how much better my brain and body feels since taking these has me giving two thumbs (and cerebral hemispheres) up!

I am taking one pill each morning and felt better after just a few days of taking them. If you don’t take a fish oil now, start with these, and if you do, replace them to see for yourself

Not that I think taking any supplement will solve everything, but after using the quality products from Tranquility Labs, I can confidently say they help. And well, whether we like to admit it or not, I know we could all use a little help, right?

Check out Tranquility Labs to see what they’re all about and learn more about their full line of all natural supplements. Which supplement do you think you would benefit from the most?

Tranquility Labs agreed to reimburse me for my honest review, i have not been compensated in any other way. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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