WIAW #8: A Kid’s First Taste of Zevia Soda

Zevia has been the only soda in our home for years now. We still treat it like a…..umm, treat and only have it every now. Even though it’s free from all the nasty stuff in regular and artificially sweetened diet sodas, water is obviously the best choice when it comes to a healthy lifestyle.

The fun-loving, extremely generous folks at Zevia have sent our now 17 month old daughter, Avery, a couple of their shirts. She looks adorable (as always) in the shirts, and she loves playing with the cans.


But I never gave her any to drink until just yesterday. She only has breast milk and water right now, so why not a little naturally sweetened soda for something new? I’m not sure if you can tell, but I think she might be ready to try.


I poured some in her sippy cup and proceeded to take an Instagram video of her first sips. Because, that’s what parents do, right? Capture everything and share across all of social media.

There wasn’t much in there, so she finished that pretty quick and was asking for more.


Guess she likes it. And oh man, she’s had some good burps in the past, but add carbonation and it’s a whole new level of belching from our little girl! #ProudDad

Now, how about a little WIAW action! Thanks as always to the wonderful Jenn from Peas and Crayons, for creating this fun link-up for foodies everywhere!

Head over to Clean Eats Fast Feets to join in on this week’s party!

what I ate wednesday, WIAW


BreakfastHomemade Cold Brew Coffee and microwave chocolate bread.


Lunch – Shredded chicken with sweet potato, steamed beets and brussels sprouts along with a couple of green olives.


Dinner – This amazing crock-pot chicken chili I literally made by just throwing in all kinds of herbs and spices we had with black and kidney beans and lots of veggies. My girls loved it and so did I, so that’s a win in my book!


Snack – Sounds weird, but I’ve been enjoying this raw sauerkraut on its own lately and had a few bites of this after dinner. Good tasting and good for the gut!

Have you tried or heard of Zevia Soda? What about your kids?

If not already, would you allow your kids to try a stevia sweetened, junk-free soda like Zevia?

Ever snack on sauerkraut?

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4 thoughts on “WIAW #8: A Kid’s First Taste of Zevia Soda”

  1. Chili looks fantastic, everything tastes better with carbonation. After I get Avery hooked on Jif, I will then turn my attention to getting her to try Dr. Pepper! Or even worse Big Red (I don’t know if you have that in Texas but it’s liquid speed). Looks like the Zevia was hit though, adorable as always keep up the good work on the healthy eating. I only kid because I care.

    1. Yep, I know of Big Red, and of course Dr. Pepper since it’s a huge Texas thing. Never liked Big Red even when I did drink the stuff, but DP was always good. Anyway, Zevia is great and if you get the chance, at least give it a try. The Cream Soda is bliss!

      I know you care, and so do I, so I’ll probably keep spouting out about healthy living for a long time to come!

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