I Hope She Likes Ninja Turtles and Forts

Did you know the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles originated in a comic book? They were created as a way to parody 4 popular comics of the 1980’s. Just your interesting fact of the day; you’re welcome.

If you’ve been reading my blog or following any of my social media outlets recently, you know Avery has “turned in” her rolling skills in exchange for crawling. Yes, this means more work for Going Mom and me, but it’s also exciting since it means more playtime during the day!!

We still can’t wrestle or run around the house as I chase her down with the “tickle birds”, but her crawling means that time is coming soon!


Turtles are a big thing in our family, hence Avery’s newborn pic in a turtle crochet as my blog header, and our home has several turtle toys, blankets, and stuffed animals spread throughout. If she grows up hating them, I’ll know we went overboard, but hopefully that’s not the case. Hey, her first encounter with our pet box turtle, Tash, went well, so I’d say things are going in the right direction so far.


As a kid growing up in the late 80’s and early 90’s, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were (I think they still are) awesome! Somehow, Nickelodeon has managed to take over the TMNT franchise and have butchered the way they look and act which really pisses me off. Despite this, I stand true to being a Ninja Turtle fan, and hope to impart my “turtle love” on to Avery.

The original.

Even as Kelley is trying to sound out “momma” and “papa” for Avery’s first words, I’ll throw in “turtle” for an impartial first word. If she says “turtle” first, there’s no animosity for her saying “mom” or “dad” first; win-win!

I don’t even know what to say…..

Man, if only I kept those original Ninja Turtle action figures from my childhood; the ones in stores now just aren’t the same. Please tell me I’m not alone here. Any other original TMNT fans who are disgusted with what they are now?

Sorry, had to rant a little, back being a parent……kinda.

Another thing I’m looking forward to is building forts with Avery. Another childhood (and parenthood!) must is having a fort to let the imagination run free. When you build a fort, it can be King Arthur’s castle or a space station from the future; both cool things, by the way.

Yesterday I figured I’d try and combine my two hopeful desires by quickly making a fort with her new playpen and a big box along with a Ninja Turtle blanket for the door.

I know, this is the Nickelodeon version; I work with what I have!!
I know, this is the Nickelodeon version; I work with what I have!!

Not much to look at, but it’s perfect for her first fort encounter. Or so I thought….


I sat her down, proud of my turtle themed structure, and watched in anticipation for her to crawl into the fort. And then I waited, and waited a little more; nothing.


“Oh, duh.” I thought, “She doesn’t realize she can crawl through the blanket yet, I’ll just put her in there myself.”


She wasn’t impressed.

Get. Me. Out!!!
Get. Me. Out!!!

I helped her out of the enclosure and continued watching her in hopes that she’d come around and heed my efforts, but her fussing simply increased with each passing moment.


It was right around naptime, so I’m telling myself that’s the only reason for Avery not immediately taking a liking to awesomeness that is what I’m deeming the “Cowabunga Fort”. My efforts shall not be thwarted, and you can rest assured I’ll continue trying. Just like our baby-led weaning experience, I’m sure she’ll catch on and “take a bite” after several attempts.

Kelley is not totally signed on to Avery playing with Ninja Turtles, not because they’re labeled as a boy toy, but because she just doesn’t like them herself. Fine with me, now I have two girls to convince Ninja Turtles are totally tubular, dude!

We both believe toys should not be gender specific, and try hard to surround Avery in a variety of things colored more than just the typical pink. If we had a boy, I’d like to think I would be perfectly fine with him playing with a doll. After all, playing with dolls is not about being a girl, it’s about taking care of another person, about developing social skills, learning body parts, and so much more.

Read more about how beneficial it is for both boys and girls to play with dolls here. I found this link in another blog from the guest poster, Torsten Klaus. The blog is FromaDaddy, and I suggest you check it out as he shares great stories about his life with two children and one wife.

What’s your opinion on gender specific toys?

Were you raised to only play with toys geared towards your gender?

How do you feel about the Ninja Turtles operated under Nickelodeon vs. the orginal?

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9 thoughts on “I Hope She Likes Ninja Turtles and Forts”

  1. Lol R.C. she is too young for forts! She will love them when she can run around and talk!

    1. Sorry, Natashea, you’re wrong my friend! 🙂

      This girl took to the fort pretty well the next day. I’ll be sure to post a follow up on her having fun!

  2. Good work sir! My Ninja Turtle’s equivalent with my daughter is Stay Wars & Spider-Man (well, superhero comics generally).

    I did keep all my old Star Wars toys, and now she has them, as well as some new ones. She usually goes for the female characters (all 2 of them), but also likes the non-human ones like Yoda and Chewbacca. And is particularly fond of the Wampa.

    I’m big into keeping it gender free, but a big part of it is my enthusiasm for this stuff. The pink princess onslaught will begin soon enough when she starts pre-school. In the meantime, I’m carefully curating her pop culture influences…

    1. Thank you! I was actually thinking of one of your posts on a similar topic when writing this. I’m a fan of Star Wars, but I guess it never caught on for long with me. But superhero comics, books, toys, videos, and games were life back then, so I hope to share them all with my daughter!

      I’m scared of the pink princess thing, so please be sure to pass along any lessons learned as she starts to show signs.

      Thanks again for reading and commenting!!

  3. I haven’t seen the new Nickleodean version of the TMNTs, and by the sounds of it maybe I shouldn’t bother? Sometimes things are better in memories than in a new rehashed version.
    Nice move to get Avery involved in them! Yes – definitely avoid the Pink Princess stuff if you can. My eldest has chosen this path (against my and FromaMummy’s attempts at leading along other paths). The shallowness of Disney Princesses with beauty and presents and things is sickening.
    Thanks for the mention! 🙂 Yes, Torsten wrote an excellent article!

    1. I haven’t seen the actual series on TV, just the figures in stores, and that’s enough to deter me. That said, there is a new movie coming out that I will have to see regardless.

      100% agree on the shallowness, and it was my pleasure to share Torsten’s article. Hopefully it gets more parents to consider gender discrimination in form of toys and movies!

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