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We’re Having A Boy! + The Best Happy Birthday Song

Yes, you heard read that right, Going Mom is pregnant with our second (and last) child and I’m happy to announce we’re having a boy!

15 weeks with our baby boy.

If you’ve been following me for a while, like before I’ve been mostly absent the past few months, you might know how difficult it was the first time around. This time, as we were preparing to go through the long process with the same clinic, I came home to see my wife hardly able to contain her excitement from several positive pregnancy test results.

It’s so hard to believe everything happened naturally, but we are ever so grateful to know we are having a boy, a freakin’ boy, and totally skipped the big needles, stress, and waiting for what feels like forever to know anything. Seeing my beautiful wife with her growing baby belly fills me with happiness every day.

Okay, that might be a lie…..we’re past the first trimester now, but damn, it makes the typical fraternity hell week look like a cake walk. Ladies, please don’t come knocking on my door with pitchforks and torches, I’m not trying to have a pity party for myself. I say that it was miserable for all of us.

I felt bad for my wife while simultaneously fearing for my life too. Thankfully a little prenatal yoga along with Avery’s support helped out.

prenatal, yoga, pregnancy

Now we’re through the worse part (right?) and things are stabilizing for the time being. Avery mostly understands that there’s a growing baby in mommy’s belly and that she’s going to have a little brother, but there’s still some things she has yet to figure out. One thing being how to name a boy!

We are undecided at this point, but Avery insists on the name Crake. Now she has an imagination on par with the kids in Neverland on Hook. Give her an empty plate for dinner and she’d have an epic food fight just like in the movie. But, no, we will not name our boy Crake. Right now, the two names sticking out are Jaxon and Weston. I’m leaning more on Weston, or Wes, and Kelley likes Jaxon, or Jax. What do you think this guy looks like?

having a boy, parenting, sonogram

Any suggestions are welcome as we’re both waiting for the one name that just sticks out. Parents with 2+ kids, did you have a harder time naming your first kid or the ones after?

While I don’t plan on blogging that often, it’s a nice outlet at times, and I really wanted to share the awesome news. Spending more time with Avery and Kelley always takes priority though, and I feel less stressed when I’m not trying to write x amount of posts. Reducing stress is something I really need to……errrr, stress now that I’m another year older as of the 8th anyway.

So that’s all for now, I just want to leave you with the best birthday gift/stress reducer I could ask for.

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FYI – her imagination is what spawned the creation of her empty toothbrush box with pink bubble wrap microphone. Love that girl!

Birthday Puns + 11,712 Split Squats and Push Ups

Hey, it’s my birthday today, June 8th. I am now 32 years old, yay….

Sherbert birthday pun


Last year, when I turned 31, I made a goal to complete 32 split squats  per leg and push ups every day leading up to my 32nd birthday. So here we are and I am proud to say I’ve met my goal. With it being a leap year, I was ever so privileged to do the moves for 366 straight days instead of the 365. Hence 366 x 32 = 11,712.

The split squats and push ups were usually used as finishers after whatever workout I did for the day, and they proved to be great exercises. I chose 32 for the upcoming number of years I would turn. The year before that, I did 31 burpees.

If you need a goal to help you move more, just use your age as a marker to perform X amount of whatever you choose. Note, don’t choose burpees unless you’re 10. I’m pretty sure 31 burpees per day for 365 days had something to do with that stress fracture.

Am I going to do 33 of something now? Probably not. Instead, I’ll just make it a point to move as much as I can throughout the day. Maybe I’ll choose random exercises, but with my shoulder surgery coming up later this month and trying to mend my stress fracture that never fully healed, I’ll be happy to do whatever I can. I know my body could use some quality recovery time anyway. Then, after several months have passed of taking it easy, I’ll be reinvigorated to get back to the barbell to slowly get my strength back.

I’ll have to make the most of my arms before the surgery while we’re on vacation at the Outer Banks. From what I’ve heard by other parents, all of the attractions and other expensive things are not as big of a deal to toddlers. Instead, they enjoy the simple things like playing in the sand and watching the waves. I’m clinging on this notion and hope to build lots of sand castles, hunt for seashells, swim in the ocean, and eat fresh seafood. Any tips/advice/stories? I’m all ears.

Get it? Ears of corn? No? Too…ummm…corny? 🙂

Speaking of puns, I’m treating myself and anyone else who enjoys a good (or bad) pun to a few today. Guess I’ll start by giving myself a card.

Cheese birthday pun

  • What did the boy with no hands get for his birthday? Gloves. Okay, not really, I’m not sure what he got, he hasn’t opened anything yet.
  • Statistics show that birthdays are good for your health. The more you have, the longer you live.
  • Buying a gift for a sculptor is hard and requires all of his friends to chip in.
  • My wife gave me a book of puns for my birthday and it is awesome! It was two meaningful.
  • I just want a nice fork for my birthday because there is no tine like the present.
  • My friend tried wrapping all the birthday presents for me, but he didn’t have the gift.

That’ll about do it for today. I need to start figuring out what to pack for the trip and go on another construction site adventure with Avery. I might be another year older, but as long as I can laugh at the joke below, I think I’ll be okay.

Bald Man Short Birthday Jokes07

The Kitchen Cabinet and Birthday Kisses #TBT

It’s fun to use various ways to mark the growth of our kids, right? This Throwback Thursday (#TBT, for short), I have two; Avery’s obsession with climbing in one of our kitchen cabinets, and a birthday kiss from Mommy and Daddy.

I can’t remember the exact time she started to get into this particular cabinet, but the first post I could find is from March of this year. It was in How to Hide in the Kitchen where I found this pic.


And just the other day, still utilizing her crawl space with a blank stare….


The hair really marks her growth here, but so much more has changed. Attitude, being one of them.


Yeah, sometimes for the better, and, in this case, for the worse. Which brings me to the other #TBT picture; birthday kisses from Mommy and Daddy in her highchair.

Here she is taking our kisses with that signature blank stare as a one year old.

Ummm, dad, your nose is in my eye and both of you are in the way of my cake!
Ummm, dad, your nose is in my eye and both of you are in the way of my cake!

Even my pointy nose didn’t upset her then. But for birthday numero dos, she showed her true feelings.


My nose wasn’t even touching that time, geez!

Before I go, here’s one more kitchen comparison of our crazy girl. In August of 2014, she looked sweet and innocent hanging on to drawer handles.

You need something?
You need something?

But now, screw the handles, she romps and stomps her way around the entire house, and even does ballet if she damn well pleases.


Growth, it never seizes to amaze me.

Happy Thursday!

Any big plans for the weekend?

Have any meals you can make now to get ready for Thanksgiving?