Grilled Goat Cheese Sandwiches and What I’m Eating Lately

Food is the key to many of our hearts. Sadly, food is also what stops many people’s hearts because of their poor choices in fast food, going out, and just pure ignorance.  Hey, I was there once, but I wanted to be better, so I read and experimented until I learned. Of course, you’re never done learning in this area.

Anyway, I could go on and on about that topic. I just wanted to share what’s been keeping Kelley, my wife, happy lately; at least in the food department. Grilled goat cheese sandwiches. It feels good to makes something that someone you love looks forward to, so I keep making them.

Baby Watching and Sandwich Making. It's a learned skill....
Baby Watching and Sandwich Making. It’s a learned skill….

They are pretty easy to make, unless you’re doing it while holding a baby in one arm. Just add 20 minutes to the usually 10 minute process. I just made two while Avery is sleeping in her crib (yes!!!) to be ready for when Kelley gets home.

All you need is two slices of bread (I use sprouted whole grain like Ezekiel) and goat cheese. To make them extra special, I add green onions, garlic, smoked paprika, basil, and red pepper flakes. If we have it, I’ll spread hummus on the other slice of bread for extra nutrition and flavor. Sadly, no hummus today, as you can see.

Grilled Goat Cheese_3

If you really need instructions, you put the goat cheese somewhat evenly on a slice of bread. It doesn’t have to be perfect since it will melt once heated and distribute better. Then add whatever toppings suit you best. If you have it, I highly suggest spreading hummus on the other side. Any kind will do, but I normally choose red pepper hummus.

Heat a pan, griddle, or grill on medium high, let cook about 1 – 2 minutes on one side while pressing down, flip on the other side doing the same, then remove. Slice in half easier, less messy, eating and cautiously pass to your wife for approval. I will either have a salad or tomato soup to go along with this; both are good options.

End product, sans hummus
End product, sans hummus

As for me, I’m going crazy watching Avery squirm and trying to make something to eat for my one meal of the day. I sometimes get to eat again at night…

So, I steamed broccoli and carrots and decided using a spoon is the best way to eat them, along with my cup of coffee. Nothing weird about that, right? Meh, it’s all good.

Breakfast (lunch?) of champions
Breakfast (lunch?) of champions

At least this leftover pancake egg white sandwich with chocolate peanut butter is worthy of sharing. Yum, I want more….now!

Pumpkin protein pancakes with egg whites and peanut butter
Pumpkin protein pancakes with egg whites and peanut butter

My first day on the job yesterday went okay for the most part, but as the day went on, naps grew shorter, and then Avery did not sleep well at all last night. She spent half the night sleeping on Kelley, then I took her, fed her, and slept on the recliner the other half.

What did I do wrong? Hoping to improve this today. Maybe it was the lack of a poop yesterday. If that’s the case, problem solved as of 8 o’clock this morning!

We have friends coming in tonight to visit for the weekend, so we’re crossing our fingers nothing too upsetting happens. They do have a slightly older baby of their own, so at least they’ll be understanding.

Annnndddd my time is up, need to dry our cloth diapers and tend to Avery.

Ever make a grilled goat cheese sandwich?

Any other kind of grilled cheese you like?

Who else eats everything with a spoon? Besides salad, I seem to use a spoon all the time. I need spork to make life easier….

So Far So Good….

Crap.  I am wearing Avery in the Baby Bjorn and just as I wrote this title, her eyes popped open.

No crying though…yet. Lots of squirming.

Anyway, while I have the time, I’d like to say “Yay!” for having a good morning and getting Avery to take a nap in her crib for over two hours. Enough time for dad to get full body weight lifting routine in.

I was bold enough to enter and take this!
I was bold enough to enter and take this!

Anyone ever do barbell hack squats? It’s like a dead lift, but the bar is behind you and pick it up and down. I hit my calves and butt almost every time, but can really feel it in the quads. Plus, I think it’s a version of the squat that I can do when wearing Avery if the need arises. It’s no back squat, but something is better than nothing.

Like this. Source:

Oh, we just went for a nice walk in the 20mph wind and that was cool. And by cool, I mean not. Another cool thing is that I apparently didn’t shut the door good enough and it was wide open when we got back. So, that fat black cat, Lou, we had………not sure where he is. I’ll keep you posted, if Kelley doesn’t kill me. Oops…..

Maybe I can just make another breakfast like I did this morning and she’ll forgive me…..

Peanut Butter and Pumpkin Protein Teff Porridge
Peanut Butter and Pumpkin Protein Teff Porridge

Edited Update: The cat never got out. He knows where the food is.

Lou in Living Room

Time to tend to some house chores and deal with this wiggly daughter strapped to me. I don’t think she’s very happy, but still not crying.

Okay, now she is…..

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