Travaasa Austin: Overcoming Obstacles For Our Anniversary

The trip to the Travaasa Resort in Austin, TX with my lovely wife sans kid was a much needed break from parenting to better focus on just us. We love Avery more than life itself, but couples need that time alone to hold a real conversation and enjoy each other’s presence.

We had plenty of wonderful, unbroken conversations on the way down and all weekend. But that’s not all, we also indulged in quality drinks, for starters.

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Going Mom and I rarely have alcohol these days, but champagne is her favorite. As for Going Dad, I prefer sipping on scotch or vodka. I just happened to bring along a nice 18 Year Macallan for our 9 year anniversary celebration weekend so I didn’t take any of the precious bubbly. Happy wife is top priority!

travaasa, cheers

We had dinner reservations for both nights we stayed at Travaasa and that first night found us eagerly awaiting for a good meal. Being ones who go out to eat maybe once every two months, the first obstacle would be inspecting the menu for food worthy of our bodies and playing 20 question with the server on how everything is prepared.

This is usually a difficult task (for me, Going Mom isn’t as bad), but they had taken notes prior to our arrival and expected our special requests. Turns out Travaasa sources most of their produce right from their own organic gardens on the premises and obtains meat/fish from local, sustainably raised farms/practices. I was in foodie heaven!

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The fresh produce was my favorite part of the dining experience at the Experiential Resort, their okra, in particular, was wonderful! Crisp, fresh, and delicious; I couldn’t get enough. And for breakfast, I just asked for a giant plate of mixed veggies which is exactly what they provided.

Breakfast plate at Travaasa

I can’t say eating just veggies can get you very far, but I made up for it with a healthy dose of protein from avocado (thanks to Kelley for having me bring it along), wild-caught anchovies, and some Mary’s Gone Crackers Super Seed Crackers.

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With food and drink obstacles out of the way, we had a few physical obstacles to tackle during our stay. Hey, get your mind out of the gutter, I’m talking about Travaasa’s Prickly Pear Challenge Obstacle Course.

Travaasa_exp_austin_adventure_Prickly Pear challenge

From the site:

At 35 feet in the air, you’ll discover your inner strength as you walk across the cables and telephone poles of our high ropes course. Begin at the Cob Web, then progress over Raider Bridge and through the Flying V to navigate Double Trouble. The linear progression of the course culminates with a fantastic reward: a 250-foot zipline flight soaring over the tree tops of Texas Hill Country.

I’m no super adventurer mountain man, but I enjoy these things and really don’t let heights get to me too much. My wife, on the other hand, she’s not a fan of testing gravity, and although she was adamant about completing the course, she didn’t try to bottle up her fear.

Don't look down, don't look down, don't look.....CRAP!
Don’t look down, don’t look down, don’t look…..CRAP!

But my fearless bride made her way through all of the obstacles and we met at the end to zipline down together. We met another couple enjoying time away from their little one who took a few pics for us.



And then down we went.


After the shaking wore off….a little…..I wasn’t sure if she’d be up for the other Experience we signed up for, The Giant Swing, but just like Tom Petty, she too, Won’t Back Down. They weren’t kidding about it being a Giant Swing!

Travaasa-Austin-Giant Swing
Photo Credit

We could choose how high to go (all the way, duh!) and pulling the string had to be done by one of the swingers (ha ha).  Without hesitation, Kelley let me know I would do the pulling which was fine with me.


We were up and down in about three minutes, including the back and forth swinging, but it felt longer. I’m sure my wife would agree. But she still wore that pretty smile on her face, so all was good in the world.

There are several experiences always going on at Travaasa, but we had done the ones on the top of our list and rainy weather put a damper on the others. I was eager to satisfy my need to move for the day, but that rain killed my plans for the bike pump course I was considering.

Just as I was ready to accept keeping the activity level low, we ran into the couple that took our picture earlier. They were both drenched in sweat so I had to ask for the details. Apparently, there’s a Travaasa Challenge where you run six times around the paved road of the resort which equates to a 10k or 6.2 miles. Once complete, you get a shirt.

I haven’t run in a long time due to a lingering stress fracture, but when it comes to free shirts, I must do it! Going Mom agreed to walk one loop as I ran and then she cheered me on as I passed each time. I needed to see her with each completion of the loop, the hills in Hill Country are no joke. A steep grade down to 730 ft and a steep grade up to 980 ft all within half a mile. Quadzilla!

Rain came down as I completed my last lap and entered the lobby, dripping sweat on their floor, requesting my FREE shirt. They handed it to me with a smile.

20160820_185318That night we dined on more fresh produce and delicious fish and meat while enjoying another beautiful view outside. Thankfully the rain stopped to allow us the opportunity.

20160820_193832More rain poured over night into the morning on the day we were to return home. But we held on until the last minute for checkout. You can even stay longer for more experiences, but we did have to drive back and see our little girl. With no planned events for the day, I finally talked Kelley into doing the Travaasa challenge with me. “Just walking” I agreed.

Walking turned into a few strides here and there and eventually into finishing with all running. It took us a while, but the view was spectacular and the company couldn’t get any better.


There was just enough time to collect our prize shirts (I got another for Avery), clean off, and pack up to head home.

Go Team!
Go Team!

The time at Travaasa with my wife of 9 years was more than needed. We were able to reconnect in so many ways and both agree our relationship has grown even stronger. We will definitely return to this adult only resort whether for a celebration or just a quick getaway. Everyone has daily obstacles, some big, some small, but when you have a wonderful partner, it’s easy to overcome them all.

Our Trip to Travaasa Via Instagram Stories

Going Mom and I hit our 9th anniversary on August 17th this year. To celebrate, we took a trip down to Austin, TX to stay at an adult’s only hotel resort called Travaasa. I decided to share our 3.5 hour drive using Instagram Stories and saved each photo to share here.

I woke up early to fit in a workout before heading out.

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We planned on leaving at around 10am, but needed G-Ma to make it over since she was staying to watching Avery for the weekend. Wouldn’t you know, she needed extra time to make it over, but no worries, that meant coffee and extra time with Avery! I cooked all of the food to feed Avery while we were gone and wrote out a schedule for G-Ma to follow.

Instagram Stories_Trip to Travaasa_2

Hard to read here, but G-Ma did a great job. She knows how important good nutrition is to us, especially when it comes to feeding our kid, so I felt mostly confident she would deliver. Finally, it was time to say goodbye to Avery.

Instagram Stories_Trip to Travaasa_3

She was distracted by birds or something in the window, but we knew she’d miss us. Right? Our trip was off to a great start for about 30 minutes until….

Instagram Stories_Trip to Travaasa_4

Stupid traffic. I was running only on coffee and finally felt it was time for a nice protein snack. Really like these Epic Bars.

Instagram Stories_Trip to Travaasa_5

Kelley wanted to stop at the famous Magnolia Market in Waco, TX since we were driving right through it on the way. Not that it really stood out to me, but I was up for seeing the place Chip and Joanna Gaines fixed up just like they do on their popular HGTV show, Fixer Upper.

Instagram Stories_Trip to Travaasa_6


Naturally, we had to take a couple’s pic in front of their sign with a hashtag. #MilesToMagnolia

Instagram Stories_Trip to Travaasa_7

Going Mom bought a few small items to add to our home and we were back off to complete our journey to Travaasa. I had called a few days before and arranged for champagne to be waiting for us in our room. It wasn’t there at first, but while we were out walking, I made a quick call and they rushed it up for our return.

Instagram Stories_Trip to Travaasa_8

She loves good, dry bubbly, and this did not disappoint. Time for a ……

Instagram Stories_Trip to Travaasa_9

A couple hours of soaking in the hilly surroundings full of fresh air with the scent of cedar and it was time for dinner. Outside on the patio was perfect. Not too hot, not too cold, and no crazy winds. Plus a beautiful view.

Instagram Stories_Trip to Travaasa_10


The restaurant was one of the most accommodating with the highest quality I’ve seen. Most ingredients are sourced right from their own garden and all meat is sourced from local suppliers who raise their animals to the highest ethical standards. Needless to say, even a guy that refuses to eat out was happy.

Instagram Stories_Trip to Travaasa_11

The entire trip was fabulous and much needed for the both of us. We were able to have fun and reconnect on so many levels. I love my wife more than anything, and can’t wait to celebrate our 10th anniversary with my beautiful bride. Maybe Travaasa in Maui?

My Teespring Shirt: See Ya Later Excavator

When your kid finds and interest in things, you naturally want to support it, right? For me, I’ve been wanting to create an excavator shirt for months, and finally did so through Teespring.

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The design took me longer than I expected, and I’m still not completely happy with the end result. Going Mom said it should be more cartoonish. The more I think about it, I have to agree. I still like what I created and hope it sells, but as of right now, with 10 days left, 0 purchases have been made.

Whomp whomp
Whomp whomp

But here’s your chance to help a fellow dad and all around good guy (or so I think…..right?) and get yourself a unique shirt for the construction truck loving kid in your life.

Teespring_See Ya Later Excavator Shirt_Kids

I even made another Teespring campaign so adults can get in on the action with their own shirt too.

Teespring_See Ya Later Excavator Shirt_Adult

There are several colors to choose from and I’ll even throw in 50 virtual high-fives for free. That’s right, FREE!

If the design is not your style, I’m working on another one for the future. Not sure if I’ll use Teespring, but one way or another, it’ll be available.

Excavator_Full Front Shot_B&W Cartoon





Let me know what you think, please. Would you buy any of these?

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