Realizing and Reacting to A Child’s Substance Abuse Tendencies

There is some information that will be very helpful if you have a child with a substance abuse problem. Being a father or a mother is never easy with teenagers, and it is even more difficult when your teen is using drugs after school and on the weekends. Yet now more than ever is the time to step in and do something about it before drug and alcohol use ingrains itself into your child.

While it can begin as simply and innocently as being prescribed powerful painkillers in the wake of an on-field injury, teen drug abuse typically begins with peer pressure from fellow kids who are already drinking, smoking marijuana and using drugs. These tend to be 20-something individuals – still kids from the perspective of a 40-something father – and they make it look fun and exciting, and ultimately mature, to use drugs and alcohol. Whether they directly encourage others to use or not, their de facto status as role models in such social settings does the encouraging on its own.

Dealing with Your Teen’s Drug Abuse

Teen drug abuse is treated the same as adult drug abuse, except that if your child wants to get clean and sober, it will be somewhat easier because they have not spent as much time involved in addiction as someone who has been a user for decades. What is important is that they admit to you that they have been using illegal substances and are willing to seek treatment. Whatever their age, they will not get clean unless they admit they have a problem and want to get clean.

After your child has admitted that they are using drugs, it’s time for parents to step in. A drug detox is the first step; while it can often be very difficult for the parents, taking the time to know what to look for in a drug detox center for teens is crucial. A worthy drug detox program, whether for teens or adults, means having the user enter a facility for an average of three to eight days, so they are removed from their environment and can be observed while they detox or quit using any drugs or alcohol. Furthermore, the chosen detox should have a home-like atmosphere, so your child will be comfortable while not using.

By following a detox plan, your child is safely and medically taken off the substances, and once they have completed that then they can enter into a longer substance abuse recovery program aimed at teens and young adults. When participating in such a program, teens with a past of addiction will learn how to handle life and their emotions in a successful way. For the child, they are taken out of the pressure of school and their peers and they learn that it is okay not to use. Furthermore, the program lets them know they can get through their problems and succeed in life without having to depend on harsh and oftentimes deadly substances.

Being a father means taking the responsibility of following through on this course of action and being there to support your son or daughter while they are learning to cope with their peers and figure out life for themselves. For the parents, it’s not easy letting go of the parental reins and allowing them to make decisions on their own, but it is the best way. When they come home from detox and a quality treatment program, they will need encouragement and support as they make new friends, go back to school and get back into their routine again.

The Importance of a Healthy Diet on Children’s Development

As parents we all want to take care of our children. We want them to grow, to develop and to learn, and the best way to do this is to nurture them. One of the most important things that you can do for your children is to ensure that they eat a healthy diet.

But why is this? What importance does a healthy diet have on children’s development?

It ensures that they grow as they should

Children grow. Not only do they grow at a rather impressive rate up to the age of one, but they also have spurts of growth throughout the lives too. One of the most important things that a child can do is to eat properly, as a good diet is going to give them the nutrients and energy that they need to enable them to grow. It is also key that they have plenty of calcium in their diet as this will ensure that their bones grow healthily and set them up for their adult life.

It helps their brain to develop

Not only does a child’s body grows, but their brain does too. A poor diet can have an impact on how their brain develops and this can lead to a lower IQ and even learning disorders as they grow. It is also thought that some attention and focus problems that are common in children can be caused by their diet. This is because the children do not have the right energy, and nutrients that they need to keep their brain functioning and alert.

It reduces the risk of obesity

Whilst you may know that obesity is an issue for older people, what you might not realise is that it is also a problem for children too. Not only does diet affect development, but a poor diet can lead to obesity, and this is happening in as many as one in three children. This can lead to a child developing chronic conditions later on in life, which could have an impact on their lifelong health.

It helps them to make healthy choices

The choices that children make when it comes to their diet comes from their parents. So, it makes sense that in order to ensure that they eat well throughout their lives, you need to encourage this from an early age. You can teach your child to make healthy choices, not only in their food, but also in their activity too, and this is something that will stay with them. Not only helping them to develop as a child. But also to lead them into being a healthy and happy adult too!

The Best Christmas Present Ever is Our Baby Boy!

The best Christmas Present for 2017, that is. I don’t want our sweet 4 year old girl, Avery stumbling upon this post one day and forever having her feelings hurt. I promise, Avery, you were definitely the best Christmas present ever for 2013. 🙂

I don’t find much time for writing lately, and this one will be short, but I wanted to give an update to my last post about how we are having a boy. Since then, she grew from the 15 weeks pregnant pic in that post….

15 weeks with our baby boy.

… 36 weeks pregnant.

And right before hitting the 39 week mark, she gave birth to our boy!

natural birth, babies, newborn, infant, birthing
Hello, World, I’m here!

Going Mom gave birth naturally at an awesome birth center near our home to a handsome little guy named Weston on Sunday, November 19th, 2017. Just 5 days after his big sister’s birthday; talk about close!

People kept telling us the second child comes fast and makes for a quick labor, but my wife and I were both shocked at how fast the entire birth went. Her water broke at home around 7:50 pm and he was born that same night at 10:10 pm. We are forever thankful for having such an amazing midwifes and doula crew who knew how to support us, ensure everyone was safe, and keep calm throughout the process. Thanks to them, we had our boy in our arms, safe and sound to hold and snuggle with.


Our friends with 2 or more kids told us going from having a kid, to having kids is different, simply put, and so far that’s holding true. Different as in hard, different as in wonderful, different as in, awesome, different as in….well, you get, it’s a mixed bag of emotions! But I’ll be damned if it’s not the sweetest thing seeing Avery being a proud big sister.

It will take some time to adjust to not getting all of the attention, but overall, I’d say she’s coping fairly well. We get Going Mom at home for the next 4 months since her job has an awesome maternity leave policy, and man do we need it just to get somewhat adjusted to life as a family of four. Besides the crazy sleep schedule and constant diaper changes, I’d say we’re doing just fine though. We even picked out our (real) Christmas tree together and took the obligatory selfie.

We made Wes cut down the tree, that’s why he’s sleeping in the pic.

I’m cutting it short since I need sleep. Once things settle, I’ll try for more details, but until then, keep up to date on my Facebook and Instagram pages if you’d like.

If I don’t post before, have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

An at-home dad on a mission to keep it real when it comes to food, fun, and raising a healthy, happy family.

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