Perfect Gift Ideas for Your Boss

With the holidays looming right around the corner, it’s time to start crossing to-do’s off your list. And while most friends and family may be fun and games to shop for, there’s one person on that list that doesn’t come so easy: your boss. Everyone wants to find the perfect, office-appropriate gift for their boss, but few have any idea where to start. Luckily, we’ve compiled a can’t-miss list that includes a few gifts sure to be a hit in any office.

On-the-go Coffee Press

If you often find yourself catching your boss with coffee cup in hand, they’re sure to appreciate a nice go-cup for their morning brew. But not just any go-cup will do, so step it up a notch and get them this on-the-go coffee press. It’s a great way to enjoy the morning pick me up and feels fancy, too. French presses are known for the rich, deep flavor they give coffee, so it will serve as a definite upgrade for the run of the mill cup. Simply pour hot water over the grounds, allow the coffee to steep for about three minutes, plunge down and enjoy a cup that tastes as if it was brewed straight from France.

Mug Warmer

Also tailor-made for the coffee fanatic, this Mr. Coffee mug warmer will keep your boss’s coffee warm and spirits high. Because a long day often requires multiple cups (and nothing makes a long day worse than a cold cup of coffee), give them the gift of fresh coffee all day long. It’s easy to use; a convenient cord length makes it easy to plug in anywhere and the surface is easily cleaned. And with a price tag of just $10, you’ll be eager to pick one up for yourself as well.

Gift Certificate to His or Her Favorite Restaurant

Treat them to a night on you with a gift certificate. Do a little digging to find out what their favorite (or one of their favorite) restaurant is and give them a dinner on you. Certificates to many restaurants can be found on Gift Card Granny, or go the old fashioned route and stop by the location. If that isn’t quite your style, try finding out if a favorite band of theirs is coming in town and surprise them with tickets. Of course major bands come with major price tags, so it’s a perfect to go in with as a team. Your boss will appreciate the thought and personal touch, and it’s guaranteed to be a gift they’ll enjoy.

Custom Socks

For something truly out of the ordinary, think socks. And no, we’re not talking your average, run of the mill sneaker socks, but custom socks designed particularly with your boss in mind. Have a boss that loves sports? Check out performance men’s socks from Is your boss a woman who has an affinity for Star Wars? They have that too. With custom socks this cool, your boss will be the talk of the office—in the best of ways.

Gourmet Gift Basket or Wine Collection

When in doubt, stick with the classics. Because everyone loves food (and who doesn’t need a secret stash at the office) you can’t go wrong with a gift basket. Make your own out of a nice basket and fill it with some of your boss’s favorite snacks, or pick a pre-made one. Try a nice gift basket. You can even choose sets paired with a bottle wine to compliment different chocolates or cheeses. Or, skip the food part altogether and opt for a wine collection. Because who doesn’t need a little indulgence over the holidays?

Whether you decide on something big or small, your boss is sure to appreciate the gesture. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the egg nog. We’ve got the office gift giving covered.

Taking a Sabbatical Since Blogging is Problematical

My  blogging sabbatical over the past two weeks has been the longest I’ve gone from an actual blog post in years. You know what? I find it has helped me stress less and focus on other, more important things as a result.

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The constant feeling of “needing” to post something, anything, just for that satisfying feeling of creating a new post became overbearing. It got to the point where I would let this control my overall mood on any given day. When blogging becomes more of a weight on my shoulders, holding me back from truly enjoying life, it’s just not worth it. In retrospect, it took me too long to realize this.

Luckily, I have two wonderful girls, my wife and daughter, who helped put things in perspective. I was so intent on writing about a few experiences that I missed A LOT of other ones. While I find writing as a great outlet, it’s evident blogging is not always the best outlet. Journaling has been a better, shorter alternative for me though, and I journal every day now.

Daily gratitude is another thing I’m trying to incorporate as well. Gratitude is a simple act we can all do an benefit from. First thing when you wake up each day, just think of a something you’re grateful for. So now, when I wake up, I immediately feel grateful for the fact that I woke up. I’m here, alive, with a wonderful family whom I love and they love me back. Boom……gratitude.

Basically, I’m at a point where I feel too many things are going on and trying to squeeze them all in creates too much stress in my over-analyzing brain. The time freed up from not blogging has been nice, and therefore, I want to extend it indefinitely (i.e. take a blogging sabbatical).

As a I write this, the sweet little girl I’m a stay-at-home dad to, Avery, turns three years old in just a few more days. On November 15, to be exact.

Skin to skin with dad!
Skin to skin with dad!


I started this blog to capture our journey together, but found I was drifting farther and farther away from genuine content. Some was downright irrelevant to being a parent. I still stand by my pun posts though as puns are obviously part of being a dad.

While I hope to become certified to actually work with kids and adults in some way to help them create a happier, healthier life, blogging about it is no longer a huge a priority. Ensuring the happiness and health of my family and myself is of the highest priority, so everything else is going on the backburner.

I still keep rather active on social media, but, as if you haven’t got the drift by now, I’m done with blogging for an unspecified amount of time. I will always have a place in my heart for the blogging world, and will continue to support the bloggers I follow like my friend Gary from Skipah’s Realm. He puts out entertaining content about his life as a divorced father who has a beautiful daughter and a wonderful, supportive girlfriend.

I’ve already gone on longer than I planned, and I’m positive my message is clear; less blogging/stress, more living/happiness. Avery, happy birthday in a few days, I love you! Kelley, my beautiful wife, I love you too, thanks for all of your love and support. Our family is one awesome team (a silly family team as Avery calls us), and I don’t want to look back with regret on things I’ve missed. Now I’m off to spend genuine time with this girl who’s growing up too fast.

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I am loving the content shared by Doctor Jonathan as I sift through his old and new posts. Fast food is not the way we should rely on our nutrition, and here he presents the reasons in a clear and concise format. While we all see/hear how bad it is on a daily basis, most people still consume it on a daily basis.

Not a day goes by that I want to help change how families are fed. For now, helping to spread information on the negative effects of poor nutrition and lifestyle in general seems the best approach. Please give this and the many posts sure to come a good read and put at least one of the thoughts into practice. Our kids, family, and YOU deserve it.

Link to original post is found here.

I recently posted a picture of 4 FAST FOOD RESTAURANTS visible from my GYM’s parking lot. The point was to show CONVENIENCE; a major factor contributing to our obesity epidemic.

Today I opened the weekly circular which displayed the following 7 ADS:


Where is the DECENCY and HUMAN COMPASSION for a problem that continues to escalate out of control?


This is legalized “FOOD PUSHING” that increases food addiction with dangerous consequences. Everywhere we turn (newspapers, TV, shopping stores, highway exits, etc…) we face these destructive products that tempt us the same way drugs tempt drug addicts and alcohol products tempt alcoholics.

Denying this reality continues to spread this epidemic we currently face. To rely on the fast food industry (as a sector) to grow the wealth of our economy is a sad commentary. It is a source of great PAIN and SUFFERING. We consume these restaurant foods an average of 5.8 times a week (as adults) while 30% of children eat fast food on any given day. (United States Healthful Food Council)

We are bombarded with this advertising and have convinced ourselves the dangers are grossly over-exaggerated. Our total disregard to the damaging effects of most fast food products has resulted in obesity and overweight becoming:


preventable_causes_of_deathSource:Mokdad AH, Marks JS. Actual causes of death in the United States, 2000. JAMA 291

Since this study is 16 years old, I am willing to bet obesity and overweight has surpassed smoking making it:


The food industry is not about to change their advertising and marketing approach which continues to grow their revenues at the consumer’s expense. It therefore, becomes the CONSUMER’S RESPONSIBILITY to reduce their fast food consumption by 80-90% if they wish to LIVE LIFEthe way they CHOOSE TO, rather than suffering the inevitablePREVENTABLE diseases, dysfunction and DEATH we see TODAY!


I'm a health conscious stay-at-home dad looking for products that keep us fit, happy, and healthy. Follow along as I share our experience and discoveries with my daughter as a side-kick.

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