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Simple Ways to Support Your Pregnant Wife

As a mom of three cute girls, I can tell you that any pregnant woman needs support from her family and especially the husband. Handling cravings is not an easy task. Pregnancy can be delicate as the woman’s body undergoes several changes from experiencing morning sickness to feeling dizzy. That is the reason every woman needs the support of her husband during pregnancy. While fathers may not do everything, there are several ways they can support their wives and help make the pregnancy journey exciting. Check some of the ways my husband supported me during pregnancy below. 

Handling house chores 

House chores are considered the work of women, but do you know many can do them better than women? If your wife is pregnant, this is where you come in and support her during this exciting period. As the pregnancy continues to grow, it may become hard to handle some of the house tasks. Husbands can help in handling some tasks such as mopping, cleaning tubs, and vacuuming may help ease anxiety and stress on the pregnant mom. 

Understanding the wife’s desires 

It can be hard to live in the same house or walk around with a pregnant mom because of her crazy cravings. But the husband should learn to understand their wives. If you have a child, you can attest to this. However, if you thought pregnant ladies do this intentionally, you are wrong. Pregnancy can turn a woman into something else. All of a sudden, she will stop taking her favorite dish or crave for something she never ate before. But that is that is her world. Husbands should avoid asking questions.  

If the wife says she cannot finish her food, do not question her. If she is opposed to drinking yogurt, let her be, do not ask her why. Understand her cravings and avoiding eating the food she is sensitive to when she sees you. It might be when she sees or smells such foods she gets irritated. If you see a horizontal line on her belly, do not ask why and when did the lines nigra appear. 

Pay attention to her 

During my previous pregnancy, I used to talk a lot even when my husband wants to sleep. Well, you might be having a pregnant woman who speaks a lot or is too emotional. It can be disgusting especially if your wife was always jovial and now gets angry for no reason. You may not know why she is angry, but she has a lot to think of; her unborn child’s health and how long her labor period will be. If she wants to share her fears about the unborn child, as her husband, you need to pay attention to her. This will help her feel comfortable and do away with the anxiety that is unhealthy for the baby.  


Pregnancy can be challenging but not as such when there is someone offering support in all the ways he can. Pregnant women can sometimes behave like babies and husbands need to pamper them. Show support by taking her out and making her feel loved.