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10 Best Geeky Toys for Him

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I once read that kids are like little scientists. They learn about the world as they play. With the festive holidays coming along, you’ll need to get your smart kid an incredible toy. I am going to share with you some of the geeky gadgets that you could get your son this Christmas!


1.     Starter Kit from LittleBits

This fantastic kit from LitteBits has ten tiny and color-coded circuit boards which are attached to each other using magnets. Both of them perform different functions, and kids can easily see what’s happening as they add and take away modules. What I love most about it is that it allows children above eight years to follow the project plans to make essential objects.


2.     Anteater Bug Vac

Here is a baby anteater produced by Uncle Milton. It vacuums all the bugs using its snout and keeps them for closer observation in its stomach. Its belly is transparent to allow children to see and learn the insect movements.


3.     Makedo Find and Make Plane Kit

This fantastic set comes well equipped with hinges, clips, pins and some stickers. It gives children the chance of making a plane from just a cereal box! It’s a toy that teaches your kid the importance of creativity and recycling! I love that all you can still reuse its parts.


4.     Syma Helicopter

Although the name may roll off the tongue, it’s quite easy to fly. It’s designed to give your son impressive flying range every time. He’ll also love the multi-channeled remote meaning that he can operate more than one helicopter!


5.     Hosim All-Terrain RC Car

Thanks to its impressive power, this is arguably one of the best RC trucks for your smart boy. It can move on all kinds of terrain from grass, pavements and rough-roads. If he’s an outdoor person, then you should brighten up his holiday with this fantastic toy!


6.     RC Battling Trucks

Of course, we all know that remote control trucks are cool. In this awesome pack, you’ll get two intriguing infrared RC battle tanks. They’ll even sound like the real deal with matching cannon fire and engine sounds, and they come with other super cool features.


7.     Maisto R/C Rock Crawler RC Vehicle

Here’s a fantastic monster truck to give your son an improved outdoor playing experience. It may not be the fastest RC drift car for sale, but it’s quite affordable. Most importantly, your kid will love it!


8.     Nanoblocks Space Shuttle

These are just tiny construction blocks of 4mm. If your child is more than eight years old, he can remodel different things, for instance, the Taj Mahal or the Statue of Liberty. However, he’ll have to follow the instructions carefully.


9.     Fabric Sun Photo Kit

Here is one of the magical toys that you’re likely to come across. It boosts your child’s creativity as he draws on a sheet made from plastic using a particular kind of pencil. He should then put the plastic on some unique fabric allowing him to add things such as leaves, feather and paper shapes. Lastly, he needs to cover this using another plastic sheet and leave it to the sun to dry. In a world full of endless screens and beeping toys, this is a tasty and refreshing project for your smart boy.


10.  Roboraptor Toy

My son loves Dinosaurs and the movie Godzilla is one of his favorites. So, last Christmas I got him the Roboraptor. It’s a gadget that is fully assembled and ready to conquer the earth. Imagine controlling your own dinosaur?

Surprise your son with any of these toys and light up his world. Remember that with the growth of technology, video and computer games have taken our children captive. So, we must do all that we can to get them playing outside with other kids their age!

Perfect Gift Ideas for Your Boss

With the holidays looming right around the corner, it’s time to start crossing to-do’s off your list. And while most friends and family may be fun and games to shop for, there’s one person on that list that doesn’t come so easy: your boss. Everyone wants to find the perfect, office-appropriate gift for their boss, but few have any idea where to start. Luckily, we’ve compiled a can’t-miss list that includes a few gifts sure to be a hit in any office.

On-the-go Coffee Press

If you often find yourself catching your boss with coffee cup in hand, they’re sure to appreciate a nice go-cup for their morning brew. But not just any go-cup will do, so step it up a notch and get them this on-the-go coffee press. It’s a great way to enjoy the morning pick me up and feels fancy, too. French presses are known for the rich, deep flavor they give coffee, so it will serve as a definite upgrade for the run of the mill cup. Simply pour hot water over the grounds, allow the coffee to steep for about three minutes, plunge down and enjoy a cup that tastes as if it was brewed straight from France.

Mug Warmer

Also tailor-made for the coffee fanatic, this Mr. Coffee mug warmer will keep your boss’s coffee warm and spirits high. Because a long day often requires multiple cups (and nothing makes a long day worse than a cold cup of coffee), give them the gift of fresh coffee all day long. It’s easy to use; a convenient cord length makes it easy to plug in anywhere and the surface is easily cleaned. And with a price tag of just $10, you’ll be eager to pick one up for yourself as well.

Gift Certificate to His or Her Favorite Restaurant

Treat them to a night on you with a gift certificate. Do a little digging to find out what their favorite (or one of their favorite) restaurant is and give them a dinner on you. Certificates to many restaurants can be found on Gift Card Granny, or go the old fashioned route and stop by the location. If that isn’t quite your style, try finding out if a favorite band of theirs is coming in town and surprise them with tickets. Of course major bands come with major price tags, so it’s a perfect to go in with as a team. Your boss will appreciate the thought and personal touch, and it’s guaranteed to be a gift they’ll enjoy.

Custom Socks

For something truly out of the ordinary, think socks. And no, we’re not talking your average, run of the mill sneaker socks, but custom socks designed particularly with your boss in mind. Have a boss that loves sports? Check out performance men’s socks from Stance.com. Is your boss a woman who has an affinity for Star Wars? They have that too. With custom socks this cool, your boss will be the talk of the office—in the best of ways.

Gourmet Gift Basket or Wine Collection

When in doubt, stick with the classics. Because everyone loves food (and who doesn’t need a secret stash at the office) you can’t go wrong with a gift basket. Make your own out of a nice basket and fill it with some of your boss’s favorite snacks, or pick a pre-made one. Try a nice gift basket. You can even choose sets paired with a bottle wine to compliment different chocolates or cheeses. Or, skip the food part altogether and opt for a wine collection. Because who doesn’t need a little indulgence over the holidays?

Whether you decide on something big or small, your boss is sure to appreciate the gesture. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the egg nog. We’ve got the office gift giving covered.

Six Gifts for the Active Dad this Father’s Day

Father’s Day is on the way, and for all you moms and kids out there wondering just what to grab that special dad in your life, I know it can be tough to narrow down gift ideas. Whether you’re shopping for your dad or for the father of your children, if he’s an active guy, you can appeal to his health passions and take your Father’s Day gifts from ordinary to extraordinary. From sports tickets to family adventures, the latest in gear to gym necessities, you’ll find something for your active dad on this list.

  1. Tickets to a Game

If your dad is an avid sports fan that knows his favorite player’s stats like he knows his own child’s birthday, then make sure he gets the chance to see his idol in action with tickets to a game. Check out Ticketmaster to see if there are any games coming to a city nearby in the near future, or plan ahead and buy accommodations out of town for a surprise trip that will blow his mind. If you find the tickets have already been sold out, just check out Craigslist or Stubhub to grab resale tickets.

  1. A Fitbit

If he’s all about staying in shape and pushing his body to be the best it can be, you can’t go wrong with a Fitbit. These awesome activity trackers will give him a plethora of important health information, helping him reach the recommended amount of steps each day, track his food, and keep his heart rate in check. There are various models out there at different prices, so you can find something that matches your budget and appeases your pop on Father’s Day.

  1. Quality Earphones

If he’s a runner or gym rat, he’s likely got a playlist of pump-up jams that get him in the mood to pump iron and pound the pavement. If that’s the case, make sure he gets to listen to his sweet tunes with the best audio possible and buy him a pair of high-quality earphones. Check out the JayBird X2 wireless earbuds. They’re a bit of an investment, but the quality is more than worth the price tag, especially if you know your dad will get great use from them. He can get rid of those pesky wires and answer any emergency calls while he’s at the gym getting a great workout in.

  1. A New Gym Bag

If he’s always out the door and on the way to the gym to follow his daily workout regimen, make sure he can get all his essentials to and from with stylish ease. A new duffel will help him go from home to office to gym in one fell swoop and keep all of his gym necessities contained, whether it’s shower essentials after a sweaty session or his work clothes to go from gym to desk in the morning.

  1. An All-Out Adventure

Your active dad is likely an adventure-happy fellow, and if he spends a lot of his time chasing adrenaline pumping activities, then an experience gift is probably right up his alley. Websites like Excitations.com offer a variety of exciting events to take part in. If your dad loves fast cars, take him for a spin in an exotic speedster for the day. If he’s a water sports enthusiast, a white water rafting trip will be the present he never knew he needed. All you have to do is enter your zip code and the website will pull up all the nearby activities that you can purchase for him. This is sure to be a one of a kind present that will make this Father’s Day more than memorable.

  1. Sports Gear

If your dad is an active member of intramural sports teams, then you can’t go wrong with new sports gear. Baseball bats can be a great gift if he’s part of a league as they are constantly evolving, with companies consistently coming out with cool new designs and functionality. In a similar vein to golf clubs, remember that just because he already has them, doesn’t mean he won’t want the latest and greatest.

Show Dad how much you appreciate all he does for your family with the perfect active gifts sure to give nod to his athletic passions and make this a Father’s Day to remember.