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The Best Christmas Present Ever is Our Baby Boy!

The best Christmas Present for 2017, that is. I don’t want our sweet 4 year old girl, Avery stumbling upon this post one day and forever having her feelings hurt. I promise, Avery, you were definitely the best Christmas present ever for 2013. 🙂

I don’t find much time for writing lately, and this one will be short, but I wanted to give an update to my last post about how we are having a boy. Since then, she grew from the 15 weeks pregnant pic in that post….

15 weeks with our baby boy.

…..to 36 weeks pregnant.

And right before hitting the 39 week mark, she gave birth to our boy!

natural birth, babies, newborn, infant, birthing
Hello, World, I’m here!

Going Mom gave birth naturally at an awesome birth center near our home to a handsome little guy named Weston on Sunday, November 19th, 2017. Just 5 days after his big sister’s birthday; talk about close!

People kept telling us the second child comes fast and makes for a quick labor, but my wife and I were both shocked at how fast the entire birth went. Her water broke at home around 7:50 pm and he was born that same night at 10:10 pm. We are forever thankful for having such an amazing midwifes and doula crew who knew how to support us, ensure everyone was safe, and keep calm throughout the process. Thanks to them, we had our boy in our arms, safe and sound to hold and snuggle with.


Our friends with 2 or more kids told us going from having a kid, to having kids is different, simply put, and so far that’s holding true. Different as in hard, different as in wonderful, different as in, awesome, different as in….well, you get, it’s a mixed bag of emotions! But I’ll be damned if it’s not the sweetest thing seeing Avery being a proud big sister.

It will take some time to adjust to not getting all of the attention, but overall, I’d say she’s coping fairly well. We get Going Mom at home for the next 4 months since her job has an awesome maternity leave policy, and man do we need it just to get somewhat adjusted to life as a family of four. Besides the crazy sleep schedule and constant diaper changes, I’d say we’re doing just fine though. We even picked out our (real) Christmas tree together and took the obligatory selfie.

We made Wes cut down the tree, that’s why he’s sleeping in the pic.

I’m cutting it short since I need sleep. Once things settle, I’ll try for more details, but until then, keep up to date on my Facebook and Instagram pages if you’d like.

If I don’t post before, have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Going Dad’s Top Ten Pinterest Picks (3): Baby Memes

Has your kid ever randomly laughed at the most unexpected thing? When she was just a squishy baby, Avery sat next to me in her Mamas & Papas Baby Snug chair as I was cutting bread when she started giggling out loud.

Like any new parent would do, I grabbed the video camera that’s always nearby and luckily got her to do it again. As proof, I uploaded it to YouTube for all to see.

I later tried to replicate the laugh again and got nothing, just a blank stare. Babies truly are the 8th wonder of the world.

With funny babies on the mind, I searched for laughing babies on Pinterest. What I found wasn’t exactly laughing babies, but multiple baby memes that gave me a good laugh.

There are many with the same picture but different captions which I tried to stay away from. Some captions are just vulgar and not funny to me, so I hope you enjoy these.

1. Going Mom and I are both advocates of breast milk and frown on formula if it can be avoided, so I got a kick out this.

baby memes, funny, humor, babies, pinterest

2. This is one of the reoccurring baby pictures, but I love the caption. I already know I’ll be doing the airplane with a spoon for Avery.

baby memes, funny, humor, babies, pinterest

3. I bet this thought really goes through their head at some point.

baby memes, pinterest, funny, humor


4. Kind of sad, and I apologize if anyone is offended, but this makes me laugh.

5. I bet this happens to a lot of babies quite often.

6. I believe some cats can be evil, this cat being one of them.

7. This could be really bad if it’s another boy in the doggie door….

8. Yes, another one you might see a lot of, but the captions crack me up!

9. One way to deal with the evil cat problem….

10. This is a legitimate concern. Same for baby powder!

Hope you enjoyed these baby memes. If you have any favorites, please share as I’d love to see more!

How to “Walk the Walk” As A Baby

Hmmm, daddy’s shoe is pretty cool, I wonder if I want to take it….


Oh, hello there, baby peers. Have you started walking yet?


That’s cool if you haven’t, but you’re really missing out. I just started and I’m already working on my dance moves.


Remember when I talked about surviving the first 5 months of your life? Or when I shared my thoughts as a crawling baby? Well, that was cool and all, but I’m obviously past all of that “child’s play”.


And it’s freakin’ awesome…..Haaayyyyyy!


Okay, just had to get that out of the way. I’m done.


Just kidding, one more time!! Heeyyy…..Oooohhhh!!


Seriously, I’m done now.


Now that we’ve established I can walk *cough* and dance *cough*, I’ve noticed an increase in my ability to get what I want and figured I share a few of them with you other, less advanced, babies. I’ve even been taking notes in my cool book to remember all of my new findings.


First off, as a walker, you can reach things you never could when you were floor-bound. Speaking of, I’m a little hungry, let me just grab something from the fridge. Oooo, I see a nice jar of NuttZo calling my name!


It’s okay, daddy bought it, but it’s mine because I said so. I even had him make me some tasty Pumpkin NuttZo Oatmeal Bread like this.


Since I’m high-maintenance, I care for sugar laden food in my diet, so I make sure he only sweetens with high quality stevia like Pyure Sweet. Another tasty dish daddy made is this chocolate black bean puree with NuttZo and Pyure Sweet mixed in.


Before I eat, I need to take my shirt off so I don’t get it messed up.


It’s my choice, I swear, I like to keep my clothes clean! C’mon, dad, I’m trying to give advice here, hurry with food!


Ahhh, seriously?! Can’t you just get one good spoonful in my mouth? This is annoying and embarrassing when I’m trying to talk here! We’re done, put it up, dad, I’m leaving.


See, when you’re walking, you can be more upfront and demanding. Plus, if you don’t like how something is being done, now you have more options in expressing your disdain. For example, since daddy sucked at getting the food in my mouth, I’m going to move this stool in front of the fridge.


Yep, that’ll show him. And I still have my shirt off even though I’m a girl. Like I said, whatever I want, I do! Grrrrr!


I am also learning to take matters into my own hands. If I am trying to play and find that something around me stinks, I make a point to find the source.


Obviously, if you’re smart like me, you go to the trash first.


But nope, can’t find anything there. Maybe under the rug?


Negative. I hate to admit it, but I’m a little stumped.


This is a good time to bring up another pointer; when you begin to question whether you have what it takes to rule the house, go find something and pick it up.



The bigger the better, and try walking it with it if you can.


If you’re as good at ruling as I am, go for a one-hander and make sure mommy and daddy sees you in all of your glory!


Uhhh, crap, I think that just helped me find the source of the stench from earlier. It’s in my diaper. Which bring me to another thing I’ve picked up on………I can take my diaper off whenever I want!


If I’m in the kitchen and feel like pulling it off, well, I’m gonna do just that! Mommy and daddy reallllly don’t like this, so I do it more. For some reason, when my diaper is smelly and I take it off, that means I have to take a bath. I don’t understand exactly, but I like baths anyway.


Even if I’m enjoying the bath, I keep my parents in check by showing them what happens if they make me mad.


What? You think I’m kidding?


I NEVER kid!


One time, daddy was being annoying with the camera….


I told him to stop or I’d eat the turtle’s (his favorite animal) head.


When I heard the camera shutter after I warned him, I showed him I was serious!


Then I slowly started walking (because I can do that now) closer to him to show the now headless turtle. But….


Surprise, I never bit the head off!


You might think I chickened out, but in reality, my reasoning is two-fold. Smiling and pretending to be cute makes your parents forget all bad that you have done, and I enjoy the tasty food they hand me.


Because, without the food, I resort to my sleeve, and that just doesn’t taste as good.


In sum, as a walking baby, you have to make freedom for yourself. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself stuck in your crib with a stuffed bear all day.


So heed my advice, babies, or suffer the consequences. You have been warned!