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Single Dad Powers Through with an Amber Teething Necklace

I never imagined I would be a single dad. My beloved wife passed away during childbirth, and it’s been just me since that moment.  

Of course, there’s been many challenges since my beautiful baby girl was born. The sleepless nights, crying, and wondering if I’d be able to do this with Hillary. I’ve made it through all those challenges so far, and well, I’ve been highly rewarded by all the smiles, laughter, and play times I’ve been able to have with Darla.  

Last year, Darla turned one and she started teething. She didn’t too well with it – fever, swollen gums, general fussiness, and again, sleepless nights. I was worried about her, so I took her in to see the pediatrician. She’s been great from the very beginning and ensured me she would be okay, but I may want to give her some Tylenol and Motrin to get her by until her tooth comes through.  

So, I did it. I ended up swapping the Tylenol and Motrin every 4 and 6 hours. I didn’t feel good about it, but I did it because that’s what the pediatrician said.  

And then, another tooth started coming through…. I didn’t feel too good about giving Darla the Tylenol and Motrin the first time, and I really didn’t want to do it again. I had to find another solution because the teething rings weren’t helping.  

After a quick Google search, I discovered amber beads for baby teething. I read that many parents have been using it to reduce fever, inflammation, and pain. I also found that Europeans and Middle Easterners have been using them for centuries to treat everything from arthritis to the flu.  

All you have to do is keep the amber on the skin for most of the day, so that the warmth of the body can warm the beads. This releases the Succinic Acid that then seeps into the skin and into the bloodstream. What’s great is that it’s completely natural – Succinic Acid is found in foods like bread, cheese and milk. It can support the metabolism and immune system. All these benefits really made me want to try it.  

My Experience with Amber Teething Necklaces 

While I was searching for amber teething necklaces, I realized there were two types – Baltic amber and regular amber. I decided to investigate the Baltic ones and found that they are more potent with Succinic Acid (the treatment oil) than the regular ones. I wanted the necklace to be effective, so I decided on Baltic Wonder for the necklace since they source their beads from Lithuania – the best place for Baltic amber.  

It only took about three days for me to see a difference in Darla. She was happier, and her fever was gone. I decided to keep the necklace on her (removing it only at night) and she’s never had another teething symptom. She’s been cutting teeth like crazy too, so it’s been great.  

I really feel that the Baltic amber teething necklace helped us power through teething. Hopefully, my experience will help you if you’re going through something similar with your baby, and you don’t want to give him/her pain relievers.

Going Review Update from Avery: The Art of Cure Baltic Amber Teething Necklace


Hi there, it’s me, Avery! You know, the reason my daddy (Going Dad) stays home all day and does things like make us hunt for breast pads. Yeah, real cool, dad….

Anyway, since I’m the one wearing this Baltic Amber Teething Necklace from The Art of Cure, I wanted to share my thoughts. My dad first talked about it on this post.


The first day it came in the mail, my dad quickly put the necklace on me and stared as if I was supposed to do tricks. I don’t know any tricks, so I just gave an awkward smile to get him to stop staring.

Okay, you happy?
Okay, you happy?

Then he started trying to put it in my mouth for some reason, but it just fell out. Later that day dad told me he was wrong for doing this and that the necklace is NOT meant for chewing. He then went on to tell me about the proclaimed benefits of Baltic amber for teething babies. Exactly what these “teeth” are, I have no clue.

Most importantly, dad told me it has to be Baltic amber since it is the only type that contains succinic acid. Succinic acid is said to have a beneficial effect on our bodies by improving immunity, reducing inflammation, and act as a natural analgesic. These qualities make them popular for giant babies like daddy, he calls them adults, and normal babies like me.

Dad let me know that in order for these beneficial qualities to work, the amber needs to remain in contact with my skin. Apparently, it’s the warmth from my body that allows the Baltic amber to release the oils that contain succinic acid.

There are many imitation amber necklaces out there, but The Art of Cure has their Baltic amber certified as being genuine. Definitely good to know since I don’t like fakes! They even provide a certificate of authenticity to back their product 100%!

So, how do I like it after wearing it all the time for over a week now? Well, I still don’t have these teeth dad talks of, but it doesn’t really bother me having it on. Plus, I look pretty cute with it……no, I look pretty cute no matter what! So far, I’ve been like a regular baby with my fussy times and happy times, so I am undecided at this point.

Bath time approved!
Bath time approved!

These necklaces are very affordable and for what they claim, my dad says he’d get another one if mine broke. My mom isn’t too excited about it, and she took it off of me last night because she thinks I get uncomfortable while sleeping. Really, mom?! Maybe if dad didn’t put me in a straight jacket, er, swaddle, I would be more comfortable. I have been waking up earlier than the week before, but hey, I’m a baby, I do unpredictable things!

Yes, I see your hand above the camera.....wow....
Yes, I see your hand above the camera…..wow….

My dad did let me know that The Art of Cure offers bracelets for anyone concerned with wearing a necklace. This sounded good to me as I think it would help complete my wardrobe! Maybe having both would help extra, who knows?

Anyway, the necklace is easy to wear and doesn’t bother me during the day. If it bothers me at night, no one will know since I can’t talk yet. But typing, as you can see, is much easier! Since I am only 4 months old, my dad says these teeth can still be months away, but he’ll be sure to post another update on the necklace once the time comes.

Goodbye and thanks for reading! Now I’m off to go feed the puppies under my crib.

Going Review: The Art of Cure Amber Teething Necklace

Before we had Avery in our lives, I had never heard of amber necklaces or their benefits to ease a teething baby’s pain. But, while researching baby related products as I do almost daily now, I found The Art of Cure Amber Teething Necklaces.


I then noticed a friend who had one for her daughter and also saw several babies wearing them while grocery shopping. Being my curious self, I would ask the parents how they liked them and they were all happy and their babies seemed content too. With praises from all of the parents I spoke with, I wanted to make sure our Avery had a necklace for that looming terror we all fear; Teething!

Here is an explanation of Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces from The Art of Cure Website:

What is an authentic BALTIC AMBER TEETHING NECKLACE? The Art of Cure Brand AND Trademark is dedicated to providing the highest quality for Teething Babies. Baltic amber necklaces are made for wearing (not chewing) when a baby is teething to reduce inflammation in the body. The warmth from the skin releases the active ingredient in the Baltic amber, succinic acid. Recent scientific research has proved that succinic acid has a very positive influence on the human body. It improves immunity and the balance of acids when absorbed into the bloodstream; it stimulates the thyroid glands to help reduce drooling when used for teething and soothes red inflamed cheeks. Amber’s anti-inflammatory and therapeutic properties are recognized by allopathic medicine as a natural analgesic, which will help to relieve teething pain and calm a baby without resorting to drugs. The skin’s warmth releases healing oils from the amber, a resin, which is absorbed into the bloodstream. Parent supervision is recommended at all times. They are 12-12.5 in. Packaging is custom from The Art of Cure™ and comes with a Keepsake pouch. The Art of Cure™ Baltic Amber is guaranteed to be of the highest quality and made to the best standards. Authenticity documents like a certificate of authenticity, testing and safety documents available upon request.

After a quick e-mail to Jennie from The Art of Cure, she happily agreed to send one for my Avery’s review. I spoke with Jennie on the phone and she was very kind and it was easy to tell how passionate she is about her product. I love businesses that actually have passion and care about what they are offering.


Today we received our Amber Necklace in the mail and I hurriedly opened the package to put it on Avery. Of course, Avery is not teething yet and I know each baby starts at a different time, but it looked beautiful on her. Taking pictures of a squirmy baby without assistance was challenging, so pardon the blur.

The T.V. was on....
The T.V. was on….

She had it in her mouth with my help, but lacks the ability to put thing in her mouth yet, so it didn’t last long. The time she figures out those arms with hands at the end are hers and she can do as she pleases with them, I am sure the necklace will find its way to her mouth. Right now, she just puts her fist in her mouth; so cute.

Update: Just want to make it clear that the necklace is not for chewing. The benefits come from the healing properties of the amber.


Since we are unsure of when the teething process will begin for our little pig / pterodactyl, I will be sure to give my full review of the Amber Necklace once it comes. Until then, I will give updates along the way and answer any questions the best I can.

Check out The Art of Cure for yourself and get one for your baby. There are many colors to choose from and are available on Amazon. As you can see in my picture at the top, each necklace comes with a certificate of authenticity, so you can rest assured you’re getting the real thing.

Have you heard of amber teething necklaces before?
Do you or have you used them?