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How the DIYZ Mobile App Makes Toilet Repair with a Toddler Fun

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by the DIYZ app®. All opinions of apps and companies that help me complete DIY projects are my own. #DIYZ #GetWise

DIYZ, mobile app, diy, home improvement, #DIYZ, #GetWise

Do you enjoy taking on DIY projects around the home, or does the thought make you cringe? I’m somewhere in between. I’ll get excited at the thought of tackling a project, but when it comes time to get the ball rolling, I’m never confident about what all I need. Even if that project is getting the ball to roll! Luckily, I was introduced to the DIYZ app that features an extensive library of DIY projects that users of all skill levels can take on with confidence.

DIYZ, mobile app, diy, home improvement, #DIYZ, #GetWise

I’ll admit, Going Mom is handier with projects around the home than I am, but scrolling through the plethora of DIY projects on the DIYZ app had me ready to prove myself as a handyman. The app provides step-by-step guides with segmented how-to videos, a list of recommended tools and materials needed and even the option to speak with a Pro Advisor via video chat or over the phone. Oh, and it’s free to download for iPhone in the Apple App Store and Google Play for Android. For a limited time, even the video-chat is FREE!

I already found a number of projects saved that I wanted to start right away, but there was one looming repair beckoning for my upmost attention. And that, of course, was the toilet flush valve.

DIYZ, mobile app, diy, home improvement, #DIYZ, #GetWise

For months, our toilet would constantly run throughout the day as it never completely filled to the level inside the tank. The noise was subtle at first, but, it eventually progressed to the equivalent of fingernails slowly running down a chalkboard. Avery refused to use it since it screeched out in protest when she lifted the lid. We told her he was just a grumpy potty feeling down in the dumps and it was our “duty” to fix him. She’s still too young to laugh at my dad jokes and just looked at me like I was full of crap. Kind of how I felt about this guy….

DIYZ, mobile app, diy, home improvement, #DIYZ, #GetWise

As annoying as it was, not to mention a waste of water, I just never took the time to figure out where to begin with fixing the thing. No worries, the DIYZ app clearly lists the recommended tools and supplies needed to complete this project and I could purchase everything right on the app via Amazon.

DIYZ, mobile app, diy, home improvement, #DIYZ, #GetWise

My wife and I try to teach Avery to face her fears, and judging by her willingness to help daddy fix the “flapper” in the potty, I’d say we’re doing a good job.

DIYZ, mobile app, diy, home improvement, #DIYZ, #GetWise

With easy to follow instructions on the app, my little plumber and I went about replacing the noisy toilet flush valve with a brand new one. It’s a tight squeeze to turn off the water supply line if you’re a grown adult, but it was a non-issue for Avery.

DIYZ, mobile app, diy, home improvement, #DIYZ, #GetWise

Her willingness to turn off the water supply and hold the lines inside the tank honestly helped me with our daddy-daughter project. It’s great that she wasn’t afraid to get her hands dirty, but whether she actually liked it or not is a different story.

Despite the “helping” hands of a squirmy toddler the project was complete in the same amount of time as an episode of Doc McStuffins. Following the segmented videos with step-by-step instructions helped me focus on one thing at a time and not try to remember everything at once. With the confidence to complete our DIY potty repair made for a fun way to bond with my little girl and actually get something done at the same time.

My only regret is not downloading the DIYZ app sooner. There are so many projects I had issues completing in the past and ended up calling in a professional every time. But, the DIYZ app has the option to video video-chat with a licensed professional via the Pro Advisor feature. Advisors are available from 6:00 PM to 1:00 AM ET Monday through Friday. On weekends, DIYZ advisors will be available to help tackle projects from 8:00 AM to 1:00 AM ET. The best part? This feature is free for a limited time! FREE!

DIYZ, mobile app, diy, home improvement, #DIYZ, #GetWise

I’m thankful to be part of the #DIYZGuys team full of dads taking over the home with help from the DIYZ app. Make sure to follow DIYZ on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram for helpful tips and ideas for DIY projects and repairs in and around your home.

DIYZ, mobile app, diy, home improvement, #DIYZ, #GetWise

May is National Home Improvement Month which is a perfect time to find something fun to create or fix as a family. Search the app to find a home improvement project (or five) you want to start and get to it!

I’m A Little Pail – Funny Shirt For Kids and Adults

I had high hopes for my “See Ya Later Excavator” Teespring campaign, but it just ended with zero purchases. Zero! But no worries, I’m branching out with a funny shirt that’s perfect for kids and adults alike.

Taking my love of puns and desire to spread the laughs (and groans) associated with them, shirts are the perfect outlet. Instead of Teespring, I’ve moved on to Skreened to create and sell the shirts I design.

My shop, conveniently named Going Dad, has a few excavator designs that would make a great funny shirt gift for boys and girls of all ages. I’ll share the small collection of excavator shirts soon, but I wanted to showcase my first non-excavator creation. Integrating a pun one liner I enjoy and a little artwork done by yours truly, I present to you my “I’m a little pail.” funny shirt.

Funny, right? It truly is a little pail, but also looks a bit queasy as if it were pale. Ahhh, the wonderful play on words, I love it!

As time passes, I’ll share more of what I create. I already have a new one waiting to be approved. For a little hint of what it is, it’s another pun and talks about naked people. Don’t worry, it’s not obscene.

If you or someone you know enjoys puns, please share my store and think about getting one (or a few) for yourself and as gifts. Any feedback/requests are welcome too.

My Teespring Shirt: See Ya Later Excavator

When your kid finds and interest in things, you naturally want to support it, right? For me, I’ve been wanting to create an excavator shirt for months, and finally did so through Teespring.

Teespring, excavator, shirt, t-shirt, kids, adults, clothes


The design took me longer than I expected, and I’m still not completely happy with the end result. Going Mom said it should be more cartoonish. The more I think about it, I have to agree. I still like what I created and hope it sells, but as of right now, with 10 days left, 0 purchases have been made.

Whomp whomp
Whomp whomp

But here’s your chance to help a fellow dad and all around good guy (or so I think…..right?) and get yourself a unique shirt for the construction truck loving kid in your life.

Teespring_See Ya Later Excavator Shirt_Kids

I even made another Teespring campaign so adults can get in on the action with their own shirt too.

Teespring_See Ya Later Excavator Shirt_Adult

There are several colors to choose from and I’ll even throw in 50 virtual high-fives for free. That’s right, FREE!

If the design is not your style, I’m working on another one for the future. Not sure if I’ll use Teespring, but one way or another, it’ll be available.

Excavator_Full Front Shot_B&W Cartoon





Let me know what you think, please. Would you buy any of these?

Something I should do different? Just give up?