Single Dad Powers Through with an Amber Teething Necklace

I never imagined I would be a single dad. My beloved wife passed away during childbirth, and it’s been just me since that moment.  

Of course, there’s been many challenges since my beautiful baby girl was born. The sleepless nights, crying, and wondering if I’d be able to do this with Hillary. I’ve made it through all those challenges so far, and well, I’ve been highly rewarded by all the smiles, laughter, and play times I’ve been able to have with Darla.  

Last year, Darla turned one and she started teething. She didn’t too well with it – fever, swollen gums, general fussiness, and again, sleepless nights. I was worried about her, so I took her in to see the pediatrician. She’s been great from the very beginning and ensured me she would be okay, but I may want to give her some Tylenol and Motrin to get her by until her tooth comes through.  

So, I did it. I ended up swapping the Tylenol and Motrin every 4 and 6 hours. I didn’t feel good about it, but I did it because that’s what the pediatrician said.  

And then, another tooth started coming through…. I didn’t feel too good about giving Darla the Tylenol and Motrin the first time, and I really didn’t want to do it again. I had to find another solution because the teething rings weren’t helping.  

After a quick Google search, I discovered amber beads for baby teething. I read that many parents have been using it to reduce fever, inflammation, and pain. I also found that Europeans and Middle Easterners have been using them for centuries to treat everything from arthritis to the flu.  

All you have to do is keep the amber on the skin for most of the day, so that the warmth of the body can warm the beads. This releases the Succinic Acid that then seeps into the skin and into the bloodstream. What’s great is that it’s completely natural – Succinic Acid is found in foods like bread, cheese and milk. It can support the metabolism and immune system. All these benefits really made me want to try it.  

My Experience with Amber Teething Necklaces 

While I was searching for amber teething necklaces, I realized there were two types – Baltic amber and regular amber. I decided to investigate the Baltic ones and found that they are more potent with Succinic Acid (the treatment oil) than the regular ones. I wanted the necklace to be effective, so I decided on Baltic Wonder for the necklace since they source their beads from Lithuania – the best place for Baltic amber.  

It only took about three days for me to see a difference in Darla. She was happier, and her fever was gone. I decided to keep the necklace on her (removing it only at night) and she’s never had another teething symptom. She’s been cutting teeth like crazy too, so it’s been great.  

I really feel that the Baltic amber teething necklace helped us power through teething. Hopefully, my experience will help you if you’re going through something similar with your baby, and you don’t want to give him/her pain relievers.

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