DynaTrap DT2000XL Insect Trap Father’s Day Giveaway

Need a great gift idea for Father’s Day this year? How about something you can give as a gift but is great for the entire family? No, it’s not something that will capture his heart like a family trip to Disney World, but it’s sure to capture something.

DynaTrap’s line of Insect Traps offers the perfect insect trap (i.e. fly and mosquito killers) to actually let you enjoy your backyard. This makes it the perfect gift for the man needing to reclaim his backyard for him and his family to enjoy.

DynaTrap, mosquito killer, fly trap, bug zapper

Without the need for propane, expensive attractants, pesticides, or odors of any kind, DynaTrap can protect up to 1 acre making sure your yard is free of pests. It’s super quiet, easy to setup, and very durable with all-weather construction.

How it works:

DynaTrap, mosquito killer, fly trap, bug zapper DynaTrap, mosquito killer, fly trap, bug zapper DynaTrap, mosquito killer, fly trap, bug zapper DynaTrap, mosquito killer, fly trap, bug zapper DynaTrap, mosquito killer, fly trap, bug zapper

It’s so quiet and safe, it’s even good for indoor use. If you have kids, I’m sure the door gets opened and closed left open enough to allow all sorts of bugs and critters to find their way inside. While DynaTrap may not get rid of the critters (or cat we want kept outside!), at least you will have one less problem to worry about.

DynaTrap, mosquito killer, fly trap, bug zapper

Thanks to DynaTrap, they’re offering one reader the chance to win their own DT2000XL model for a Father’s Day giveaway. Let him pick out his own tie this year and get (maybe win) the DynaTrap for Father’s Day this year.

Just follow the steps below to enter for your chance to win. The giveaway will end on Father’s Day, June 18th and a winner will be announced soon after.

In the meantime, follow DynaTrap on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to keep up to date on their newest products and specials.

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Good Luck!

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33 thoughts on “DynaTrap DT2000XL Insect Trap Father’s Day Giveaway”

  1. Mosquitoes are the worst! They leave welts for days so they keep bugging you even when they are gone!

  2. Mosquitoes are a nightmare where I live. They will bypass repellents by flying up your nose or in your eyes.

  3. Mosquitoes are everywhere! We have a terrible mosquito problem where we live not to mention fruit flies,house flies,wasps,flying roaches(!),fleas…the bugs are bugging us!

  4. Mosquitoes are the worst! They seem to bite me the most out of everyone in my family. Gee, I’m so lucky! 🙁

  5. Oh my gosh I was talking about this earlier today. Here in Georgia they are driving me crazy! The mosquitoes in this humidity, also flies and gnats!

  6. I can’t imagine anyone saying a bug other than mosquitos! They are the worst!

  7. We’ve got the little no-see-um gnats that fly into our eyes and ears and they drive us NUTS

  8. Mosquitos drive me mad! I think I’m the only one they like in my household 🙁

  9. Mosquitos Mostly, But I find the no see-um’s come out at night and drive me nuts!

  10. Mosquitoes love me and aggravate me horribly when I go outside. They really leave bites on the little ones too!!! UGH!

  11. I absolutely hate mosquitoes. They are drawn to me and will eat me alive in minutes.

  12. Between the mosquitos and those dadgum biting “nats/noseeums” I don’t known which is worse!

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