SS Photo Heart Locket #ValentinesDayGiveaway

Valentines Day is fast approaching! Do you have a gift for the love in your life? If not (sorry, mom and wife), don’t fret, has the perfect gift to be cherished for years to come. A personalized Sterling Silver “Sweetheart” “Cascade of Hearts” Heart Locket. They will take your adorable photo(s) and use advanced laser technology to engrave the pictures onto gold and/or sterling silver photo lockets and charms.

As is, this Sterling Silver “Sweetheart” “Cascade of Hearts” Heart Locket. makes a delightful Valentines Day gift for any friend or loved one. But add your personal touches with clip art and engraving options from along with your own pictures, and you’ll have a unique gift that’s sure to warm anyone’s heart.

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Sound good? Thanks to the kind people at, I am able to offer one of you the opportunity to win your own Sterling Silver “Sweetheart” “Cascade of Hearts” Heart Locket. This .925 Solid Sterling Silver Locket has a cascade of hearts engraved on the center of the front side. It holds 2 photos with engraving options on the reverse and inside. The locket will come with an 18 inch Sterling Silver Box chain with a lobster claw. Total Value is $155.90. Please note it will not be shipped until after Valentines Day.

Just follow the directions below to enter to win. The giveaway will end on Valentines Day, that’s February 14, 2017 for the uninformed. I will announce the winner soon after.

a Rafflecopter giveaway offers several uniqe and elegant gifts like bracelets, rings, dog tags, and even medical ID’s. All perfect for a sports fan or recent grad. To learn more about what they have to offer and stay up to date on specials, visit their website, follow them on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter.

Best Safety Gear For The Adventurous Motorcyclist

For most motorcyclists, the experience of riding is more than enough, even if it’s a trip to the gym or work. However, plenty of bikers like to go outside of the beaten path and explore new places on the back of their ride.

If adventure is part of your motorcycling experience, then you want to make sure that you prepare yourself beforehand. Part of it is making sure that you have the best Yamaha accessories, and the rest is knowing your limits, so you don’t put yourself in danger.

Full Face Helmet

If you are a casual rider, then a half or three-quarters helmet is more than enough to protect your grey matter. However, to protect yourself on your wild adventures you will need an Arai full face helmet, just in case of a wipeout or collision while out on the road or trail.

All Weather Gloves

Part of being adventurous is heading out regardless of weather. While it’s nice to bike when the sun is shining, if you’re committed to getting the best experience, then rain or other weather shouldn’t prevent you from going out. Therefore, make sure your hands don’t freeze by giving them all-weather gloves.

Thick Riding Suit

Along with decent gloves, you need to have an all-weather suit to protect the rest of your body. You should already have something to keep you safe on the road, but when it comes to exploring the great unknown, you want an extra layer of comfort, so you don’t get too cold (or too hot).

Touring Bag

While most bikers ride for a few hours at a time, the most adventurous ones will take a long road trip and see where their bikes take them. If that’s something you’re interested in, then you will need a weatherproof touring bag to hold all of your stuff. Because you don’t have a trunk on your motorcycle, a bag will be the only way to stay prepared out on the road.

Overall, if adventure is what you seek, you have to make sure that you go about it in the right way. Be sure to upgrade your Yamaha accessories and bring all the proper gear for any eventuality. Just be sure to check your EBC brakes before you head out.

Guide For Small Businesses Owners

Running a small business is not an easy thing to do! In fact, it can be an incredibly complex process filled with an inordinate amount of details and fact checking. That’s why we’ve taken the time to put together a small guide to help new small business owners better understand some of the important decisions they will have to make. Things like what payment methods to accept and how to make that decision a profitable one, for example, are important to know. We’ll also take a look at how you can even get a free online merchant account to help make your online payment processing experience an easy one!

Payment Methods

There are a number of different payment methods out there, and not all of them are created equal. You might be tempted to forgo accepting online credit card payments, for example, but this would be a big mistake. Many customers today prefer to simply slide a credit card rather than carry around cash or get something like a money order just to buy a product online. You should probably accept credit card payments, in other words, and you’ll want to find a merchant account service that offers a free online merchant account to do so!

About the Fees

Before you sign up for just any merchant account service, remember that you will be paying a transaction fee on every credit card payment you receive. This can lead to some frustration, especially if you settle for a service with fees that are simply too high. Instead, find a service with the lowest credit card processing fees you can find. That will help you maintain a cost-effective business.

For a merchant account service that understands how to help you succeed and even offers a free online merchant account, give Merchant Account Solutions a look today!