Throwing a Kid Friendly Halloween Party

While plenty of adults love Halloween, let’s face it—this holiday is a kids’ dream. Between the bottomless candy, dressing up as their favorite superheroes, and trick or treating, kids go nuts for this fun fall fete. Whether your child has a birthday around this time of year and you want to go with a spooky theme or you simply want to throw a kid-friendly Halloween party, we’ve got ideas for you.

Cosplay All Day!       

Costumes are key when it comes to Halloween, so make sure you make it a costume party! Of course, you’ll have to expect the party poopers but many people will enjoy coming as their alter ego. You could even consider giving it a more specific theme, like a super hero party or “come as your favorite movie/TV character.” Consider adding an incentive by offering up a prize for best costume. Remember those party poopers we talked about? They might not come in costume but hopefully they’ll at least be in keeping with the holiday by wearing some super cute Halloween leggings.

Deck the Halls (and Other Rooms) With Decorations

Halloween decorations are the best, and so easy! From spooky hanging spiders and fake spider webs to skeletons and faux graveyards, the sky is the limit when it comes to decorating for Halloween. Spooktacular decorations abound in most stores, but there are plenty of DIY options, too. When it comes to this, Pinterest is your friend. And, whether you go with something as simple as homemade hanging ghosts or as elaborate as these glowing spooky friends to put on your lawn, decorations go a long way in creating the mysterious mood.

Of course, the simplest and likely least expensive way to decorate is to add a bunch of carved pumpkins. If the party is at night, tea lights within them will illuminate the designs and set the tone. Better yet, have your guests carve them (with kid-friendly carving tools, of course!), and offer a prize for the best design. And, if you know anything about kids, there had better be a piñata; buy a Halloween-themed piñata from Consider mixing in some toys as prizes, as we all know kids will be getting plenty of sugar elsewhere!

If you’re sending them on their journey home with party favors, creative ideas abound. Fill bags with candy corn, nail polish in fun Halloween colors, and maybe some individual floss packets—have to protect those teeth from all that sugar intake.

Fire up the Festive Food  

Although the main dish at kids’ parties—Halloween or not—should be fairly simple due to their many picky palates, there are plenty of ways to get creative with appetizers and desserts. From spider cupcakes and non-alcoholic witches’ brew to mini hot dog mummies and the uber creepy dead man’s finger sandwiches, there are so many fun Halloween food options for kids. Of course, if you’re concerned about the healthiness of the food, consider banana ghosts and tangerine pumpkins!

 Ghoulish Games Shall Abound

No proper party for a kid should go on without games. While the usual suspects like Musical Chairs and Duck-Duck-Goose are great, there are plenty of ways to take traditional kids games and turn them into Halloween fun. Need some inspiration? Take a page from the playbook of the party queen, herself—Martha Stewart. A bit of “Pop Goes the Pumpkin,” “Ghost Story Prank”, and “Dead Man’s Guts” will surely elicit many squeals of delight. Of course, bobbing for apples is simply a rite of passage for childhood and specifically perfect for this time of year. Don’t forget the Squash Bowling and Pin the Tail on the Bat! Getting their creative juices flowing is a great way to get their seemingly endless energy to burn.

Parties are a blast but Halloween parties are beyond the pale (one might even say “ghostly”). Turn up the fun by following these tantalizing tips for throwing a kid-friendly Halloween party.

Exploring the Casey’s Clubhouse Playground in Grapevine

We have a few playgrounds around us in Roanoke, but when a friend told me about Casey’s Clubhouse, I put it on my Things To Do With Avery list right away.

grapevine, tx, casey's clubhouse, dove park, playground

Located in Grapevine, TX, Casey’s Clubhouse is part or Dove Park which has a waterpark and splash pad. All are free except for the waterpark. The playground is just a short drive from our home in Roanoke and pretty easy to get to.

Without telling her my plans, I loaded Avery up in my Blue Rocket aka Subaru Outback and “blasted off” for the park. She could see the unique playground equipment as we parked and started calling out the familiar ones. We excitedly entered stopping only to pose with the turtle at the entrance.


Then it was off to play! With a cool tree house to explore, a zip line, several slides, swings (small, big, and gianormous), a rock climbing wall, and more, deciding on what to investigate first was challenging. Since we were already challenged, it only made sense to attempt climbing a steeper-than-ever, rock wall.

grapevine, tx, casey's clubhouse, dove park, playground

With slight hesitation at first, then a short panic pause in the middle, Avery proudly escalated the wall all by herself in her Soft Star Shoes. The first ascent was a bit slow, but each repeated attempt showed her gaining more confidence and speed. The big red slide on the other side was a great motivator too.

grapevine, tx, casey's clubhouse, dove park, playground

Sticking with the red theme, we ventured over to the gianormous swings. I tried it out first, and after a friendly mother took the time to try and get it over my big head, I decided it’s not so gianormous after all. But for Avery, it was huge, and she like it….kinda.

grapevine, tx, casey's clubhouse, dove park, playground

Zip lining seemed to be quite popular among the other kids on the playground, but after one zip down with Daddy, that was all Avery cared to do. Maybe we’ll try again next time. To make up for me hanging on the cable with her, Avery gave me a ride on a boat. I asked if I could stand up while riding, but she shot me the “don’t you dare” look.

grapevine, tx, casey's clubhouse, dove park, playground

I know that look from Going Mom and decided to keep seated in the interest of my safety. We played on various equipment that we’ve never seen before and wrapped up our time by running around the treehouse to see what there was to discover.


There were multiple levels with spiral staircase and ramp as choices to navigate the structure. This makes it a great choice for kids of all abilities to make use of the fun, adventurous equipment in Casey’s Clubhouse, and I can attest that parents will love it too.

With many things to do on the playground to wear your kiddos out in hopes of a successful nap (something we’re seeing much less of at home…..), I recommend anyone in the area to stop by. It’s nothing super extravagant, but it’s clean, FREE, and big enough for a small crowd. We’ll be sure to make it back soon!

Processed To Death – Get These Cooking Oils Out of Your Pantry STAT!

Some of the listed cooking oils to avoid surprised me, but the reasons make sense. On my quest to eat less processed foods, and more whole foods, I value this info. I want the best nutrition for our family, especially when what goes in our little girl’s body is being used to create new tissue that will be with her for life.

In an effort to provide vital information on health and fitness, I’ll start to share what I find interesting from other articles/blog posts. With less time being spent on writing my own posts, this content will have practical advice for parents, kids, and, well, anyone looking to live a happy and healthy life.

Hopefully you find value in what I have to share and can put the info to good use. Enjoy the read and please let me know if you have anything specific you’d like to know more about.

Processed To Death – Get These Cooking Oils Out of Your Pantry STAT!

Source: Processed To Death – Get These Cooking Oils Out of Your Pantry STAT!