Gold Nugget Ghee: A Tasty Source of Health Benefits

Just what is ghee, you ask? It’s made from butter that has been gently heated to remove the milk solids. This makes it a pure fat just like coconut oil with a high smoke point at 482°F. You can use it just like butter, and for those sensitive to butter, ghee seems to not trigger the same intolerance.

Ghee is chock full of fat soluble Vitamins A, D, E, and K. And wouldn’t you know, ghee is pure healthy fat allowing for easy absorption of these health-promoting vitamins. But, like most things, not all ghee is created equally; where it’s sourced is an important part of what makes it healthy. Enter Gold Nugget Ghee, committed to providing people the highest quality ghee on the market.

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Daniel Draskinis, the founder of Gold Nugget Ghee and an avid outdoor enthusiast, set out to find something that would provide him sustainable energy for his adventures. From rock climbing to yoga to ultra marathons, performing at his best was vital. Through research and experimentation, Daniel created Gold Nugget Ghee.

GOLD NUGGET GHEE is committed to bringing people the highest quality ghee available on the market. We source butter from small farms in Northern California, which provides a unique rainforest ecosystem that allows cows to happily graze on green grass ALL YEAR long. We are committed to providing nutrient-dense ghee that supports your health, our planet, and environment.

Daniel graciously provided a jar of Gold Nugget Ghee free of charge for me to review. I’ve used coconut oil for cooking plenty of times before, but when I found Gold Nugget, I had to try for myself.

The source of food is essential if we want to give our bodies the best nutrients available, and Gold Nugget is right on target. What about the taste? Glad you asked, we love it! Going Mom and I first tried it in our black coffee since we’ve heard wonderful things about putting butter or ghee in coffee, aka Bulletproof Coffee.

Gold Nugget Ghee and Coffee

A rich, buttery aroma filled the air as steam rose from our hot mugs of upgraded coffee, and our mouths were greeted with a rich, nutty flavor. I could pick up slight notes of caramel as the coffee cooled a bit and it left me craving more. We added about one teaspoon to start, but now we’ll do almost two teaspoons.

Next up was cooking with our Gold Nugget treasure. With a high smoke point, it held up to the high temps of cooking on the stove as well as mixed well with steamed veggies.

ghee, healthy cooking, coffee, vegetables

Avery and and Going Mom gave me their empty plates and buttery kisses in approval. So ghee is good in coffee (I call it coff-ghee because, dad jokes) and savory dishes, but what about something a little sweet? Keeping with healthy, whole foods, I made cinnamon roasted carrots with ghee to put it to the test.

Gold Nugget Ghee with Cinnamon Roasted Carrots

MMMMmmmmmm! Nuff said.

Much like coconut oil, ghee is beneficial both in and outside of your body. It is used to treat burns and rashes, and as a moisturizer for the skin and scalp. What I appreciate about is that it doesn’t need to be refrigerated, which makes it the perfect food to take along when traveling.

Gold Nugget Ghee supports local businesses, holds up to the highest of mindful business practices, and put care into what they create. They also package their product in glass jars as opposed to plastic, so you can reuse the jar over and over again.

My family and I are nothing but pleased with Gold Nugget Ghee. We can feel the health benefits and taste them too! Every time my wife and I have our morning cup of joe, Gold Nugget finds its way into our mug and puts a happy, healthy smile on our face.

You can follow Gold Nugget Ghee on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to keep up to date on specials and tasty ways to use their delicious food. Be sure to pick up a jar (or two or three) here.

Disclosure: Gold Nugget Ghee provided a jar of their ghee free of charge in exchange for my review. I was not compensated in any other way.

Can You Fix Anything With Healing Hugs and Duct Tape?

If you asked me a week ago, I would’ve laughed at the thought, but now I’m a firm believer that healing hugs and duct tape can fix virtually anything; emphasis on virtually. Just ask Grumpy Cat…

duct tape, funny meme, grump cat

Avery gave a tutorial on How to Heal a Dump Truck the other day which included a heavy dosing of hugs and duct tape bandaids. Her patient was a yellow dump truck we’ve seen parked in the spot for almost two weeks. The very back corner of our neighborhood’s new phase in development, aka Phase 3 Construction Site.

duct tape, funny, cute, hugs

Almost every day, we’ll walk through the construction site to see the busy skid-steers (like Bobcats), excavators, cement mixers, ditch diggers, concrete pump trucks, and sometimes, on rare occasions, a big bulldozer!

Looking up at Bulldozer

Bulldozers are a real treat, so we take advantage by performing super scooper squats, naturally.

duct tape, construction site, adventure

And, as long as the coast is clear and it’s not in use, there’s no harm in climbing up to sit in the driver’s sit for a minute. Even Daddy likes to pretend he’s controlling the big machine.

Bulldozer selfie with Daddy

Fortunately, the giant bulldozer was in good shape, so no healing hugs or duct tape bandaids were needed. But, as I was saying before, this seemingly stalled sick yellow dump truck needed our help. We’d go out on our daily walk to give the dump truck hugs and duct tape where he needed it most.

Duct Tape Bandaid Strip for Dump Truck

I managed the duct tape, Avery let me know where to put it.

Dump Truck Light Boo Boo

Together, we did our best at trying to heal the poor old yellow dump truck.

Pointing to Fixed Dump Truck Light Boo Boo
Nice placement, daddy!

As days passed and still no signs of improvement from our treatment regimen, we feared it was a lost cause. But then, just the other day, Going Mom said she was pretty sure she saw the yellow dump truck drive by our house. With determination and the need to see for ourselves, Avery and I made the trek to see if dump truck really left from his permanent parking spot.

Then, on our way to the site, yellow dump truck drove right by us! He was going back into the Phase 3 Construction Site, so we eagerly followed to track him down to confirm our healing hugs and duct tape did the trick. We found him at a dump truck dump site looking much better. Avery had to sit in her healed patient, so I asked the mostly spanish speaking driver if she could sit in side. He happily agreed to let her in.

Sitting in Yellow Dump Truck

You’ve never seen a kid so happy to sit in an old truck with something that barely passes as a seat. For full pretend driving effect, I had to shut the door. The smiles only increased.

Staring out window of yellow dump truck

Our little girl is quite proud of her healing hug power and duct tape placement skills. Now we’ll be on the lookout for other ailing construction trucks as we wander around the new development. If something as big as a dump truck can be fixed with hugs and duct tape, I am now convinced almost anything can be. Again, note that I said almost

Duct Tape Can't Fix Stupid Meme

Effects of Medical Marijuana on Cancer?

The latest and greatest news that has come to light on medical marijuana and the effects that it has on cancer are some of the best. Not only can the user provide themselves with many benefits using this product, but they’re also able to enjoy more out of their life with the use of it, as well. Here are just some of the benefits that come from medical marijuana treatment plans and how they affect the patient using it.

Effects of a Medical Marijuana Plan

Those with cancer have found that the plan has allowed them to gain an appetite which was not present before. This allows them to put on more weight, while essentially looking and feeling healthier than they have. Another great benefit is that their sickness is decreased. When before they were not able to hold anything down, they not only have a great appetite, but can hold it all down when it comes to enjoying the food.

Some of the other benefits that the users have found is that they have reduced anxiety. This allows them to enjoy even more activities that they were once not able to enjoy. Additionally, getting enough sleep is also something that can be done after smoking or eating edibles that have medical marijuana. Sleep provides them with a chance to heal their bodies, reducing the symptoms that they’d normally feel. Relaxation is also key and through the use of the organic medical marijuana plant, they can feel much more at ease and relaxed to provide their bodies with down time.

With so many benefits that come from the use of medical marijuana, using it more often is something that should be done. However, it currently does not have enough backing or studies to prove its effects on cancer patients.

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