Our Neighborhood Mystery: Fowl Play Suspected

We live in a small, but growing, Texas town in a close-knit neighborhood. There is an active Facebook page for all of us neighbors to discuss what’s going on around the neighborhood, share about good/bad experiences from local businesses, offer advice, and even sell items.

We all look out for one another and very rarely does anyone get into an argument. It’s community most of us feel safe in (besides cars driving too fast down our through street), and in the four years we’ve been here, very rarely have there been any issues with crime. Until now.

Just in the past two weeks, our neighbors have had their cars broken in to with some being vandalized. One of them even had their car stolen and it was found several hours later in another town and on fire!

Neighborhood Crime_Truck on Fire

Not cool, not cool at all. I guess that’s obvious though, because fire is HOT! Wrong time for jokes?

After the line of break-ins so many neighbors have experienced, we’re all on high alert trying to identify the mysterious criminal or criminals. We are thinking its the same offender as several neighbors have cameras that have caught the perpetrator’s SUV on video.

Neighborhood Crime_SUV on Camera

But it’s definitely not enough for anyone to make a break in the case. At least not that I’m aware of. One camera caught the guy in action, but again, it doesn’t leave much for us to go off of.

Neighborhood Crime_Break-in Attempt

We’re not giving up, and the fact that we’re all in close communications with each other and want to help, I am confident we’ll get the guy soon. At least I hope that’s the case.

We always complain because we live on the through street in our neighborhood and are always yelling at speeders as they drive by. It sucks because we want Avery to be able to safely play in the front yard, but there are too many cars speeding around to do so. One benefit, though, is this seems to keep the idiots from attempting to break in anyone’s car on the busy street. Silver lining?

As if the sudden crime wave wasn’t enough, our kind neighbors that have had six chickens at one time are now down to one. Avery and I would go on walks and she was always excited to see and pet the chickens.

Petting Chicken

Our neighbors are so generous and always gave us eggs they collected asking nothing in return. But one by one, the chickens have been found mangled inside the coop with no evidence of who or what is to blame. I was thinking “fowl” play, but the way the chickens are being attacked from within the tight quarters of their coop, I wouldn’t think a person could be to blame.

Maybe a raccoon or opossum? Anyone know if those are capable of causing such a murderous act? We had come to like the chickens, especially the grey one, Rose, and white one, Elsa. I could never remember the black chicken’s names, but they were sweet too.

Our neighbors were out of town for Memorial Day and said I could come over to help myself to any eggs they laid. Instead, I came over to find one chicken mangled one day, and then another the next. I felt so bad for the poor chickens and our neighbors. I cleaned out the carcasses since it was trash day and didn’t want such nice people to get back and have to deal with it.

So, we have two mysteries to solve in our neighborhood. I don’t know your stance on gun ownership, but I believe guns don’t kill people, people kill people, and I proudly (but safely) have several to keep our family safe. When things like this are happening so close, I prefer to take no chances.

Have you ever dealt with crime in your neighborhood?

Do you know what kind of animals that can fit and climb into a chicken coop would kill chickens without really eating them?

Memorial Day Facts + Her Crazy Hair Growth

Today we’re celebrating our third Memorial Day as parents to a precious little girl by doing something totally crazy. And by crazy, I mean staying home and begging my wife to take a break from painting our boring beige walls with something brighter to cut my hair. Oh, I’ll probably mow if it’s not too muddy.

Insane, right?! If you’re a humble homebody like us, it probably sounds quite nice, but if not, we just sound dull and not cool to hang around. It’s okay, I understand.

The banished beige walls are looking much better and vibrant, I must say, and Going Mom gets all of the credit. If you’re reading this, dear wife (and why wouldn’t you?), you’re doing an awesome job!

Despite our lack of an exciting Memorial Day, we are making sure to pay our respects to the soldiers who died while serving our country.

Memorial Day Facts Infographic

They paid the greatest price which allows us to enjoy an extended weekend to do things like go to the lake,  cook-out with friends and family or even have your spouse cut your hair. The least we can do is make sure we know why we’re celebrating and be mindful of the sacrifices made.

Speaking of haircuts, I was revisiting Memorial Day posts I made the past two years and can’t get over how much Going Daughter has grown, especially her hair. She was 6 months old for her first Memorial Day, and it was around the time we started baby-led weaning.


It was a rough start, but our persistence and determination paid off as she’s a healthy food (albeit, slow) eating kid who loves eating daddy’s homemade fermented cabbage and cucumbers. But that hair was so thin and barely making a presence.

The next year, her hair was coming around and curls were starting to develop on the sides a little.

memorial day, kids, cute, smiles, curly hair

Now, at two and half years old, that hair knows no restraints as it has turned into a beautiful mess of waves, curls, and, well, freakin’ cuteness!


As you can see, the hairs seems to of brought a new attitude along with it. Mostly fun, but sometimes it brings out the inner demon child we’ve all seen in the past at full force.

She's baaaack! #demonkid #poopydiaper #nighttime #sleeping

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It’s scary, but still cute in a way.

With absolutely zero plans of getting scissors anywhere near her hair for a long time, it will be fun to see how much it has grown in another year. Will the curls continue or will everything go straight? When I was her age, I had crazy curls, but now I have none, so we’ll just wait and see.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day, and be sure to take a moment to reflect on why we’re celebrating today.

Cold Water, Warm Smiles: #MySundayPhoto

Look, I’m back for the second #MySundayPhoto post in a row! Exciting, right?

Well, I’m excited.

Avery and I have been going to our neighborhood pool every day of the week lately. The water is still pretty cold, so we are always the only ones there, but we don’t care one bit. Cold exposure, i.e. cold thermogenesis actually hosts quite a bit of health benefits, so why not share the wealth health with my daughter?

#MySundayPhoto, swimming, cold thermogenesis, pool, kids, parenting

After 20 to 30 minutes, she’s shivering but still says she wants to stay in the pool. That’s when I say just a few more minutes and then out we go. She doesn’t fight it, and is happy once wrapped in the towel. I’m loving this time with her and we’re so proud of her swimming by herself, with floaties, of course.

Big thanks to Darren and his fun #MySundayPhoto linkup. Be sure to check out his blog full of beautiful pics and maybe share your own #MySundayPhoto!