Our Toddler’s Poop Frustrations: Avery & Daddy Vlog Episode 3

Looks like we’re starting another week with an even fussier toddler who really likes to poop. I mean she poops, sometimes tells me by saying what sounds like pronouncing the letter “p”, I change her, set her down to run around, and 5 minutes later I hear “p” again.

I joke around a lot, but this is not one of those times. We usually have enough cloth diapers to last a good 3 days, but after 2 days, the diaper pail is almost overflowing. It smells good too. Okay, that is me joking around. 🙂

As a stay-at-home parent, I know I need to stop the whining, so that’s what I’ll do….kinda….maybe after this post. Maybe not. Ahhh, who am I kidding? Like I have any clue what’s in store for the near and distant future; I’m sure I have plenty more whining to do.

For our third installment into the world of Vlogging, it’s just Avery sitting with me as I rant about her multiple poops so close together and her moodiness. The unimpressed look on her face throughout the video pretty much sums things up.

These Vlogs make it easier for me sometimes since Avery likes to be included (forget her glum look in what you just watched), so we’ll keep doing these. Please, for those reading, let me know what you’d like to see from us. And no, Gary, there will be no more maiming…..I hope. We did record a couple videos with Going Mom reading to Avery, so be on the lookout for those soon.

Avery still has bouts of cuteness and continues to work on her dance skills, but I miss having a full day of happy Avery. Until then, I’ll cherish any time no crying is involved, like here…..


Wouldn’t having a poop schedule to refer to reduce a parent’s stress ten-fold? I think so!

Zevia Tonic Water Review & Giveaway (Now Non-GMO + Color-Free!)

Disclosure: Zevia provided free product for me to review. I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions are my own.

Zevia zero calorie soda giveaway

Zevia is no stranger in our house. I’ve published several posts on this healthy soda explaining why it means so much to me and even held a giveaway before. Oh yeah, and I’ll never forget the first time Avery took her first sips of the Smarter Soda. It take long until she was reaching for more!


Being free of artificial preservatives and sweeteners, naturally sweetened with stevia, and tasting delicious is what made us instant fans years ago. But now Zevia has stepped up their entire line of healthy beverages to be Non-GMO Project Verified and free of any added color. This means no more caramel color in any flavor, so they’ll be clean and clear, just like their list of ingredients.

It takes a lot of work to go through the process of becoming Non-GMO Project Verified, and Zevia did it for us, the health-conscious consumer. Thank you, Zevia!

When I heard of their newest addition, Tonic Water, I had to try it for myself. Lucky for me, they agreed to send some to try and review. Okay, and I’m sure a little cheesy-grinned persuasion from Avery helped too.


Upon its arrival, I was ready for my first taste. After checking out the cool white cans, that is.


Well, then we had to take a picture of her caterpillar next to the can…

DSC_0961 (2)

Annnnnddd, THEN I opened it up to try. By itself, it tastes slightly bitter with a dry hint of citrus and a clean mouth feeling. Nothing to write home about, but who writes home about soda anyway? Just call to tell them how awesome Zevia is, no time to write!

Since tonic water is not meant to drink alone (it’s a mixer), I used the rest of the open can to make a little mocktail for Avery and myself.


Obviously, Zevia + Zevia = delicious awesomeness, so I made a 50/50 mix of Zevia Strawberry and Tonic Water after a hot walk under the Texas sun. The result did not disappoint, we both loved it and the drink was gone in no time.

After another day in the heat (I think it’ll be like this for a while), I got creative and pureed watermelon and added a little Zevia Tonic Water for a little refreshing fizz.


And we have another winner!


Yes, there were seconds……then thirds. Then I had to change her diaper from all of the liquid intake. Gotta keep’em hydrated in the heat!! But after the diaper change, someone apparently was not done….


Oh yeah, and of course their tonic water is perfect to enjoy our adult beverages without weighing us down from sugary, high calorie mixers. Vodka Tonic, anyone?



These two over ice after getting the kiddo to sleep is a nice way to wind down a crazy day with a toddler, a long day at work, or just to relax.

With plenty of summer left, I plan on finding other fun, refreshing, and most importantly, healthy ways to use Zevia’s Tonic Water as well as all of their now color-free and Non-GMO flavors. Check out the list of recipes for their Tonic Water on Zevia’s site for some creative ideas perfect for both kids and adults.

Oh, and maybe it would help if you were to win a 6 pack of Zevia to get things started, huh? Well, lucky you, I have just the thing; a chance for 3 readers, that’s you, to enter for a chance to win a voucher to pick up a six-pack of any Zevia flavor you want!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Contest ends Saturday, July 4th at midnight. Good luck and be sure to spread the Zevia Love on Twitter by sharing your photos and including the hashtag #TheNewSweet!

Tear for Mommy: #MySundayPhoto – 06.28.15

Just this past week, Avery seems to have taken on the “terrible twos” duty 5 months too early. She is climbing, crying, and clinging more than ever before which means my wife and I need hurry and adapt to the increased energy very soon!

In the mornings, as Going Mom is getting ready for work, Avery hardly cares what I’m doing and wants to spend all of her time “helping” Mommy as she tries to get ready. Sometimes Nuttzo and banana helps deter her, but when the hair dryer comes on, she’s gone.

I feel bad when the only thing to do is just shut the doors to keep Avery from going in to throw everything out and tug at my wife as she tries to get ready, and I know it hurts Kelley too. Even though I know it’s all phase (isn’t everything, really?), it hurts me too when she could care less about Dad when Mom is around.

This really only happens in the morning, but still, no parent would like the feeling I’m sure. I could babble on, but today’s picture was captured just after Kelley left for work and Avery was crying for attention. She doesn’t cry when my wife leaves, just while she’s there.


She gets over things quickly and we usually have a fairly good day, minus the crazy toddler part, but seeing the tear just makes things so dramatic. Besides the drama, I love the photo, and of course her beautiful blue eyes.

Does your kid go through phases of liking one parent over the other?