How About Five Puns For A Top Daddy Vote?

Friday’s are awesome, and Friday’s with puns are awesomer full of even more awesomeness! So I have a deal for you, I’ll give you 5 puns and only ask for one thing in return; a vote on the Top Daddy Blogs website.

I’ll make it easy for you, just click the button below and BAM!, your vote is in and I sincerely thank you!

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This button is also on my sidebar and at the end of every post, so if you are so inclined, I’d love it if you clicked it once a day or whenever you visit. Maybe I’ll have more puns lined up for the future in return. Deal? Please?

Now, we have to go off the honor system here, so I’m assuming that you have clicked the badge above or will soon if you scroll down for the puns. And, under this assumption, I deeply thank you and express my Top Daddy gratitude.

Although they are now my Top Daddy enemies, these dad bloggers are also asking for votes. Since I’m such a nice guy, here’s a link to their accounts on the website.

Mike Smith – Sunshine Dad

Gary Mathews – Skipah’s Realm

Kevin (aka Spike) Zelenka – Double Trouble Daddy

There are many other great dad bloggers on there, but these are the guys I communicate with most and they’re all cool enough to earn my vote!

1. When egoists meet for the first time, it’s always an “I” for an “I”.

2. How do you define a will? Hint: It’s a dead giveaway.

3. The little old woman who lived in a shoe needed money, so she sold her sole with no strings attached.

4. I have a photographic memory, it just never developed.

5. Poisoning America’s national bird would be ill-eagle.

Hey, I never said they’d be out of this world knee-slapping hilarious, but hopefully you got a chuckle out at least one of them! Don’t worry, as a pun-loving dad, there will be plenty more to come on this blog.

I’m not expecting to do a lot of blogging this weekend as I have 13.1 miles to prep for on Sunday, Mother’s Day, and then it’s spending time with my lovely Mother and wife…..Avery too!

Have a great Friday!

How did you like the puns?

Did you click the badge to vote for me? If so, THANKS!

Any plans for Mother’s Day?

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4 thoughts on “How About Five Puns For A Top Daddy Vote?”

  1. I had the top spot for weeks then Sunshiny Mike jumped in the ring and with his populous Florida base over took me, now I’ve got you and all of Texas to compete against! Just kidding thanks for the shout out, I even gave you a click. Hope you three have a rocking good weekend.

    1. Yeah, I remember seeing you there at the top. Damn Florida Sunshine, always outdoing the rest of the states! Thanks for the vote, and you have a great weekend too. Make the most of that time with Sloane on Sunday!

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