The Avengers, Beer, and That Loathsome Lip

Did you know The Avengers: Age of Ultron movie just came out yesterday? It’s a little know fact that I’m a die-hard comic fan, especially anything from Marvel and DC Comics. So when a movie comes out, the giddy kid in me comes out as well.

That said, we hardly ever go to a movie, much less an obviously popular one that just came out. Crowds, people, public? Ugh. Yeah, introvert is my middle name, there’s no use trying to hide it.

Anyway, Going Mom and I are getting crazy and going to see an early afternoon showing of the awesome Marvel superhero team in action while Aunt Stef watches Avery for us. Afterward, we’re heading to The Gingerman where they have a vast selection of local craft beer for us to enjoy. It’s the same place we went to before, so hopefully they have some new beer for us to try!

After a few rounds of beer (it doesn’t take much), we plan on walking around the town square in which the pub is located until we feel good enough to drive home. Aren’t we grand, being responsible and all? Once home, we have something we haven’t done in a while that needs to be addressed.

Hey, get your mind out of the gutter, it’s watch The Walking Dead! We haven’t seen a single episode since last weekend, so we’re eager to “catch up”. Seriously, binge watching a show is so much better than watching one at time. Thank you, Netflix!!

Nothing extremely romantic, but time away with just the wife doesn’t happen enough anymore, so it’s become a little luxury for us both. Thanks to G-Ma (my mom) and Aunt Stef (Kelley’s sister), we are able to get away every now and then which, from what I’m told, is good for relationships! 🙂

Speaking of relationships, Avery’s bottom lip was still being headstrong even after my second plea to knock off the evil cuteness power it beholds. Coincidence or not, the same day I posted about her rogue bottom lip, Avery busted it, hard!


I’ll apologize to you now, Avery, I know this picture isn’t the most glamorous. Sorry. It doesn’t help having remnants of the spinach, banana, and black bean puree I made on her mouth.

She was playing with Mommy’s sweater and tripped over it making her bite the ground. Lots of thick blood and a screaming toddler later, you get the picture above. She actually handled it better than I would expect, but the rest of the night was not the most fun.

Despite the swelling, she seemed to handle whatever pain she had the next day, Friday, pretty well.


It hasn’t turned the yellowish purple I figure will eventually appear, but there’s still plenty of time. Hopefully that bottom lip has learned its lesson and will think twice before showing itself again.

I’m actually amazed at how well she was eating. She chowed down the NuttZo and banana combo like a champ, as referenced by the leftovers on her lips.

Oh, and speaking of champ, the “champ”agne I brought home for my wife apparently grew arms to write this note. And then lost the arms…


Weird, it has crappy handwriting just like me! Small world.

Just figured it would be nice to have a good beverage while watching The Walking Dead. My drink of choice will be this potato vodka I picked up with a Zevia Tonic Water.


Never tried potato vodka before (maybe Hammy can fill me in), but I know for a fact that Zevia is awesome with or without a mix-in.

I don’t expect to be on the computer much this weekend, so hope you enjoy it like I know I will!

Can you remember the first time your kid busted his/her lip or does it have yet to happen?

Are you going to see the new Avengers movie?

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6 thoughts on “The Avengers, Beer, and That Loathsome Lip”

  1. Oh trust me Hammy could give you a perfect potato vodka recipe. I can’t keep him off the bottle! As for Avery poor thing, when she gets older I’ll be sure to let her know daddy jinxed her! Enjoy date night with Going Mom and have a good weekend!

    1. That’s true, there’s just something about those KGB hamsters that makes them not very trustworthy, huh?

      Thanks, we had a great time!

    1. Ha ha, that’s what stuck out to me as well! Although, next time I could just go right for the beer since water at the movies costs just as much!

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