I Thought We Had A Deal, Bottom Lip!! #TBT

My wife and I knew it the time it came out over a year ago, our daughter’s bottom lip was going to be trouble.

I want a Water Woobie! Whaaaa!

In an effort to work with her bottom lip, I wrote a note in hopes that we could come to an agreement. For a while there, it seemed like it understood to stay tucked up so that Avery’s already irresistible cuteness didn’t transform into an all out war to test the health of our hearts.


See? Doing perfectly fine just like that. As the months rolled one, things were pretty good, and although there was the obvious crying, that lip didn’t do “it’s thing” for the most part. This, I can take…


…kinda. But that bottom lip is something else, it’s…..EVIL!

Avery_Evil Bottom Lip

Anyway, long story short, it’s been coming out a lot the past few weeks which I guess means my note has gone by the wayside. That lip has become a renegade with its own agenda, separate from the parents raising the kid it inhabits.

Not only that, but Avery is now fully aware of the ultimate cuteness that ensues when she flips that lower mouth flange of hers. First she’ll try being cute by saying “Hi” and smiling since she’s caught on that Going Mom and I react with big smiles and ooooo’s and ahhhh’s. But when we are able to hold in, Avery’s next line of artillery is that damn lip!


We’re fighting a losing battle with that thing and there’s nothing we can do about it. Well, I guess we could ignore it in hopes that she stops using it to her advantage, but that’s an arduous task not to be taken lightly.

Until we figure it out, I guess we’re stuck with that cold lip until it “cracks” and starts working with us instead of against. At this point, my wife and I had better be prepared for the long haul all the way to when she’s caught sneaking out of the house, like I mentioned in my note.

Do your kids have a signature “pouty” face that tends to get them out of trouble?

Do they know it?

WIAW #9: Don’t Eat With Your Eyes!

You know the saying, “You eat with your eyes first”? I’m lucky my wife and daughter either don’t practice this quote, or simply don’t look at what I make sometimes because some things just look straight up gross.



But it usually tastes great and is always healthy! I mean, I try to make some dishes look good for Going Mom. Like the presentation on this chicken tortilla soup looks delicious and she agreed it was.

healthy recipe, nuttzo, stew

Unfortunately, since most of my meals are one-pot collaborations of loads of veggies, some healthy fats, and protein, they usually don’t do much to please the eyes. Even when they are miniaturized for the little belly in the house.


Hey, it’s not easy cooking several meals for three every day. Then again, as a stay-at-home dad, I don’t need to complain, it should just be part of what I do. No fast food or going out to eat means more for me to make, but I’m happy with that since it means a healthier family. And most of the time my ugly meals still taste good. Love that slow-cooker!


So, as I share with you my day of eats, I only ask that you DO NOT eat with your eyes first at all! Please?

Now, how about a little WIAW action! Thanks as always to the wonderful Jenn from Peas and Crayons, for creating this fun link-up for foodies everywhere!

what I ate wednesday, WIAW



Breakfast – I followed my typical fasting protocol and just had some Homemade Cold Brew Coffee as I fed this smiling girl some microwave chocolate bread with NuttZo.


Lunch – Steamed beets, kale, carrots, and broccoli topped with eggs and nutritional yeast. Also had a couple of Beanitos chips for a tasty crunch.



Before Dinner – Green protein smoothie with whole apples, kale, carrots, and spirulina.


Dinner – Dad’s specialty, another crock-pot perfection! Wild antelope steaks (thanks to my brother, Uncle Preston) in a stew of organic mixed veggies, corn, and beans. See, not the best thing to look at, but trust me, it was a delight to eat!


Snack – I’ve been making a lot of variations of my microwave breads and had way more than necessary of this chocolate version. #noguilt

Do you eat with your eyes first or can you overlook the ugly dish if taste prevails?

Seriously, what can’t you make in the slow-cooker?

Ever try any kind of wild game like antelope?

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Zombie Therapy at the Gun Range

After cleaning everything up from our NuttZo tasting party, Going Mom and I were going to leave Avery with G-Ma so we could go to a nearby gun range. Unfortunately, my wife wasn’t feeling well and needed to rest instead.

I almost decided not to go after tearing our house apart for the boxes of ammo I know we have, but figured I could use a little shooting therapy. Besides, I could buy ammo at the store on the range anyway. It’s expensive, but if I ever find my other ammo, we’ll be well stocked for the pending zombie apocalypse!

Not that I know for sure, but now that we’re into the 4th season of The Walking Dead, I figure it’s better to be safe than sorry. And hey, the gun range was even selling zombie targets, so why not get a little practice in? I think the zombie kinda looks like Obama, but not sure. What do you think?


With me, I brought a .243 rifle, semi-auto .45 Colt ACP, long barrel .45 Smith & Wesson revolver, and a little semi-auto Colt .22. Of course I had to share my “therapy session” on social media because…blogging.

Of the three handguns I brought, the revolver is my favorite. It’s accurate, less chance of a malfunction, and just looks damn good.

.45 Revolver Loaded

I’ve been around guns and hunting my entire life, so don’t think I’m just some crazy guy who has guns for no good reason. Hunting hasn’t happened in years, but I am wanting to make a trip to go deer hunting and provide my family with wild meat for us to eat. Hey, I rhymed!

The range I went to was outdoors and had an area for handguns as well as for rifles. I had to make many trips back and forth to my car, but made use of both areas since I had both guns. First, I went through rounds with each of my handguns.

Gun Line-up at Range

That smaller target with a body profile and two red circles was mine. I only used the .45’s for practice since, lets be honest, there’s no way in hell I’d depend on a .22 to defend my sweet wife and daughter should the need arise. It was only 25 yards, but I feel pretty good about my aim with both the revolver and semi-auto.


Zombies (and real life threats), beware, I apparently take no prisoners! Feeling good with the handguns, I moved on to the .243. I just got this gun back from my ex-step-dad (long story) thanks to my mom and little brother, so it’s been a while since I used it.

.243 Rifle

This rifle has killed several deer back in my hunting days, so I was hoping the scope was still sighted in correctly. Well, you can hope in one hand and crap in the other and you usually only end up with a lot of crap. Luckily, I refrained from the latter since the scope was not totally up to par.

Zombie Shots

While two of the shots might of maimed a zombie, they do not instill enough confidence in me. Plus, I was aiming at the forehead, so I have some scope adjusting to do.

The gun range is a great places to “blow off” some steam as long as you are well aware on how to handle a gun. I hope to bring my wife back out there sometime just to get her more comfortable around firearms and be able to use them if she ever needs to. Hopefully never though!

With the price of admission and for ammo, going to the range is probably on par with a therapy session anyway, but I’d much rather shoot things than sit on a chair and talk. I came home with my targets to show my mom (G-Ma), Kelley, and Avery. They just said the zombie looked like Obama; go figure.

Do you or have you used guns before?

Have you ever hunted?

How do you feel about owning firearms?