My Resolution Success and Failure Before the New Year: A Mohawk

Have you ever had or do you currently have a mohawk haircut? It’s something I’ve always wondered how it would look on me, so I decided to attempt cutting my own hair to see what it would look like.

When I went to get my haircut, the hairdresser refused to do it since she figured my wife would hate it (probably true), and now that Going Mom cuts my hair (except this time), she too refuses to grant my haircut wish. Guess the hairdresser has seen this from other married men in the past!

For the New Year, I decided one of my resolutions would be to have a mohawk and finally see how my large head would appear sporting the look of a Native American warrior!

First, take a look at my main motivation for wanting to cut my hair; bedhead.


No, no, wait, let me show you my “El Confidant” look…


…or lack thereof.

As Avery sat patiently ran all around her gated area throwing everything in site and screaming, I figured now would be the best time to make a first attempt at cutting my hair.

I setup in our living room for Avery to watch and had my cape, vacuum, cardboard box, and shears ready. *Buzzzzzzzzz* And off with my head hair!


Gaaahhhhh! WTF did I just do?!


Geeehhhhh, nothing good, that’s what!


And the most annoying part about my “longer” hair is how it goes over my ears. I still couldn’t manage to get that right!

After getting a big raspberry thumbs down from Avery, I ended my minute of mohawkdom and buzzed it all off.


Yeah, that’s better. Finally, I got the hair over my ears too!


Not bad for a novice, huh? Unless you count the mohawk, which I’m not!

And with that, I succeeded and failed at my New Year’s resolution before it even arrived!

Have you ever jumped the gun on a resolution and failed before the new year?

How do you like the haircut?


A Rocking Bear, Comfy Chair, and Squatty Potty for Christmas

Are you getting out in after Christmas madness mess this weekend? If so, best of luck to you, I’m planting myself at home and that’s that!

Going Mom took off for the week and we’ve been enjoying time together with our beautiful daughter who is walking all over the place now!

So, how was your Christmas if you celebrated? If you don’t celebrate, how was your other holiday or day/week in general? Anything noteworthy you’d like to share? I’m always up for a good story if you care to comment! 🙂

Our Christmas was great and one of the best we’ve had in a while! With Avery so active, it was fun getting her involved in unwrapping the gifts and letting her experience the wonders of the day. Of course, that also means she experienced how long and tiring it can be too!

We woke up early at our house to spend Christmas morning with my mom (G-Ma) and little brother (Uncle Preston) who spent the night. My mom shared the bed with Kelley, and I stayed on the couch and fell asleep watching Die Hard 2 with my brother. Love that movie, and hey, it’s Christmas-y!

I didn’t sleep well and woke up before everyone else so I went for a cold 3 mile walk and listened to a recent podcast from The Shawn Stevenson Model Health Show. Anyone into health and fitness would love the show and I highly recommend a listen. That and the Ben Greenfield Fitness podcast are my favorite.

After the walk, I made cinnamon rolls from the Immaculate Baking company for my wife, mom, and brother, but I didn’t care to have them.  They sure looked and smelled delicious though!

Christmas, breakfast, cinnamon buns

The icing comes in a bag that you can put on yourself, but the rolls are sweet enough as is, you hardly need it. Instead of rolls, I opted for copious amounts of black French Press coffee which suited me just fine.

Upon finishing our morning fuel (I continued the coffee drinking), we woke Avery to begin Christmas. Time to unwrap presents!!

family Christmas tree

Our big gift to her was a personalized mini armchair that she has been enjoying since she first sat in it.

I never use real wrapping paper for my gifts, and it’s always easy to spot the ones from me. Old plastic bags, packaging tape, and random placement of used bows are my go-to wrapping essentials.

Yep, that's a gift to my wife.
Yep, that’s a gift to my wife.

I received some great gifts this year, and it might sound weird, but one of my favorite gifts is the Squatty Potty my wife got for me. Holy crap (pun intended), that thing is awesome.


I feel so much better after each trip to the bathroom and can “eliminate” even better than I thought I already could! Seriously, it’s such a simple thing but makes a world of difference!

Boba, the baby wrap and carrier maker, kindly sent me one of their high quality carriers to give to my wife for Christmas.


I have several carriers that I use, but not specifically for her, so now she has her own. Be on the lookout for a future post with a review from both Kelley and myself on the Boba. I can’t wait to give Going Mom’s carrier and try with Avery and to see how she likes her new gift!

After Christmas at our house, it was time to leave to go to Nana and Papa’s, Kelley’s parent’s, house for round 2 of our exciting day. G-Ma and Uncle Preston had to say goodbye first, and Avery is still not sure what to think of her uncle….


The big gift to Avery at Nana and Papa’s was a very soft and fluffy rocking…..polar bear, not horse, and it is awesome!


Avery helped Going Mom unwrap her gifts too. Guess it didn’t take long for her to catch on to how Christmas works!


It was great seeing all of Kelley’s close relatives since it had been awhile, and Avery got to hang out with her cousin Taylor and aunt Stef most of the time. They love playing with her and Going Mom and I love a nice break!

As expected, with any change in the daily routine, sleep is scarce, and Avery hardly napped with so much going on. She did, however, have a quick power nap with Nana that seemed to recharge her for the day.


It was almost dark by the time we arrived back home and Avery was letting us know she hardly had a nap. But, regardless, we still went for a family walk in the gusty wind and even attempted a family Christmas photo in front of our fireplace. Kelley messed with the camera settings and I stood to help as a focal point.


Oops, too close, but check out that totally bodacious Ninja Turtle shirt my mom got me for Christmas! Even cooler is that my mom/G-Ma got me one too, so now I’m set to show my TMNT fan status even more than I already do. Back to the picture, Avery was losing patience as I included her in the focal point testing.


Kelley finally settled on a good setting, but Avery didn’t feel like smiling, so these are the best two photos we captured…

Not happy...
Not happy…
Still not happy...
Still not happy…

Despite the grumpiness, we’re positive Avery had a great, albeit long and tiresome, day, and we look forward to next Christmas being even better!

Oh, before I go, Avery is starting to understand how to wave and say “hi”, even while riding her new rocking bear!


Hope you have a wonderful weekend and stay safe if you are out there returning gifts or shopping for more!

Have you ever seen other rocking animals besides a horse?

Ever hear of or use the Squatty Potty?